90% say “lift Lendal Bridge access restrictions”

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An overwhelming majority of residents have given the thumbs down to the current closure restrictions on Lendal Bridge.

Responding to a survey carried out by the Liberal Democrats, in the Dringhouses, Woodthorpe and Hob Moor areas, only 8% have said that the trial is a success.

90% want the restrictions to be removed.

A massive 95% say that traffic congestion in the City has got worse over recent months.

The results underpin the findings from other sources.

Over 35,000 penalty notices have been issued since the Lendal Bridge and Coppergate ANPR cameras were installed.

Stand and deliver  Labour adopt traditional approach to transport funding in York

Stand and deliver
Labour adopt traditional approach to transport funding in York

The influential “Trip Advisor” web site has logged a large number of complaints from visitors who are vowing never to visit the City again.

A Facebook page has also been set up by opponents of the restrictions.

The Council leadership continue to maintain an air of lofty indifference to resident’s views prompting new calls for a referendum on the future of the restrictions.

An opportunity to test resident’s views, at a reasonable cost, will come on 22nd May when European Parliament elections are already scheduled to take place.

By then, however, some traders may have been forced to close as City centre shopper numbers continue to fall.


There is no consolation for the Council’s Leadership from residents other responses to the survey.

88% say there is no justification for Labours plans to build on the Green Belt, while 80% remain opposed to a wide area 20 mph speed limit.

Most damming verdict comes from the 93% who believe that public service standards have got worse since Labour took office.

No one who has responded so far believes that standards have got better.

2 thoughts on “90% say “lift Lendal Bridge access restrictions”

  1. Dontfleecethetourists says:

    We have just recently had our re- appeal upheld. Our first appeal was turned down and we had to make the decision to stump up the £30 or take a chance and risk a £60 fine if we failed.

    After a short discussion and because we feel so strongly that this is an unjust, unfair and undemocratic trial on lendal bridge( yes I now KNOW) where it is) we decided to have another shot at it.

    With the help of photographs showing obstructed signs, misleading signs and yes…signs at a crucial set of traffic lights that just weren’t there…we prepared our defence and waited while thousands more motorists got trapped by the troll bridge.

    The news came yesterday that our appeal was upheld. We had nothing to pay.

    The council decided not to contest the appeal. Others have the same response.

    Strange eh? But true!

    All I can say to anyone else is go for it!

    I now want to fight on for others who have had to stump up. The council should scrap this plan until they’ve had a vote on it …..and refund all their I’ll gotten gains.

    For at the moment this is HIGHWAY ROBBERY. And you don’t want the tourists thinking Dick Turpin is still alive…now do you!

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