Dringhouses salt bin petition to be considered next week

Ann Reid with local salt bin

Ann Reid with local salt bin

A petition calling for the salt bins, that wee  removed by the Council in the autumn, to be returned in time for next winter, will be considered next week.

The petition was collected by local Councillor Ann Reid and would also restore West Thorpe and Leeside to the primary gritting rota.

The number of salt bins in the ward was reduced from 35 to 28.

Although, because of the mild winter, there have been no major problems with ice reported recently, a return to more normal winter temperatures is likely to result in considerable inconvenience and hazards on some footpaths.

Under the Liberal Democrats led Council, until 2011, ward budgets were available which could be used to provide additional bins  if local residents voted for them.

This scheme was scrapped when Labour took office.

The meeting takes place in The Snow Room (sic) – Ground Floor, West Offices (G035) on Thursday 20th March starting at 4:00pm. Residents wishing to speak at the meeting must register first by telephoning (01904) 552062 at least 24 hours before the meeting takes place.

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