Dringhouses selected for community speed watch trial

Community Speed Watch

The Community Speed Watch pilot programme will run at up to 50 sites across York, Harrogate, Selby and Harrogate “where local people have already registered a concern about speeding vehicles”.

The Police say that the sites are “mainly” residential areas with 30 and 40 mph speed limits.

In York the chosen sites are in Holgate, Strensall, Clifton Moor, Dringhouses and Rawcliffe

No consultation with local Councillors appears to have taken place.

In a media release the Police say, “Over the next six months, police volunteers, together with members of the community, will visit the sites with a hand-held radar gun and/or an LED speed sign.  They will record vehicle speeds and anyone caught speeding will receive a letter from North Yorkshire Police informing them of their offence and the need to address driving behaviour.

The main purpose of Community Speed Watch is to draw drivers’ attention to speed limits in areas where communities say it is affecting their quality of life, and to educate them about the effects that anti-social road use can have on local people.  However, North Yorkshire Police will also be keeping a close watch on the recorded data, and may take enforcement measures if a persistent or extreme offender is identified”.

Details of the community speed watch leaflet can be found by clicking here

One thought on “Dringhouses selected for community speed watch trial

  1. tony says:

    Safety cameras really, the vast majority of normal people are fully aware that they are cash cameras purely for revenue. The A64 is a relatively safe road regarding car accidents, recent recorded accidents appear to have been caused by pedestrians.
    Motorcyclist also appear to be targeted at Sherburn in Elmet.
    Personally I am sick of seeing the speed camera everyday on the A64 at Tadcaster, have they nothing better to do, I suppose it looks good on statistic’s.
    The Police have apparently no resources to apprehend burglars and thief’s that’s to much like hard work, but they appear to have unlimited resources to pursue motorised.

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