Parking restrictions set to bite

New parking restrictions on the Revival estate, off Tadcaster Road, are set to bite from Monday 14th December.

Masters Mews gate

After a two week ‘period of grace’, Minster Baywatch will begin proactive enforcement of the new restrictions on Masters Mews and Scholars Court from 14 December.

The restrictions have been brought in after letters to residents failed to stop a small but persistent number of motorists parking in front of the emergency access gates that lead out onto Tadcaster Road. It is hoped that the new restrictions will also help to address other types of inappropriate parking, such as parking across footpaths.

In response to concerns raised by residents, Cllr Stephen Fenton has asked that an additional bollard be installed on Masters Mews (pictured below) at a location where pavement parking is a problem.


2 thoughts on “Parking restrictions set to bite

  1. Peter Ellam says:

    Now that parking problems are being dealt with, do you have any idea when, or indeed, if, we on the Revival Estate will be allocated any rubbish bins? Also, do we merit a post box?

    • stephenfenton says:

      I’d be happy to make the case for a litter bin to be installed – any suggestions as to where it would best be located? With regard to a post box, I have been in correspondence with Royal Mail about this over recent months. The criteria they set is that they will only consider requests where properties are over half a mile from the nearest post box. I therefore used a trundle wheel to measure out the distance on foot from Bursary Court to the post box at The Horseshoe and also the post box on Middlethorpe Grove, both of which are over half a mile away on foot. Royal Mail came back however to say that their measurement is ‘as the crow flies’, which means that Middlethorpe Grove is deemed to be within half a mile of the bottom end of the Revival estate. This ignores the fact that there is no snicket that links Revival to the Middlethorpe estate. I’m trying to get Royal Mail to see sense, but don’t hold out much hope! Stephen

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