Thanet Road – proposal to extend 20mph zone

City of York Council is proposing to introduce a 20 mph speed limit on a section of Thanet Road, from the Gale Lane roundabout to St James Place. The proposal addresses safety concerns by requiring motorists to observe what are considered to be more appropriate speed limits on roads carrying high traffic volumes particularly during  peak traffic periods.

A map showing the proposed extent of the 20 mph zone is set out below.

4 thoughts on “Thanet Road – proposal to extend 20mph zone

  1. Kieran Jones says:

    High traffic volume does not seem like a valid reason to reduce speed limits to 20mph, I don’t see any increased accident statistics on this section of road, nor is there a school or other children oriented venue. To be honest I see no valid justification for hampering traffic flow even further on this section of road. Presumably this also means installing yet more speed bumps to the detriment of those driving adapted vehicles for the disabled who are already discriminated against by the city, in particular around Acomb.

  2. Stephen Fenton says:

    Thanks Kieran. Please do pass on any comments about the proposals to

    By way of context, the proposed speed restriction is part of a wider range of measures designed to make it safer for pedestrians at this location, including a refuge.

  3. Anna Semlyen says:

    Glad to see you supporting safer cleaner speed reduction welcome change of policy

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