Chapmans Pond car park markings refreshed

The council has re-painted the faded white lines in the Chapmans Pond car park on Moor Lane. In addition, yellow crosshatch markings have been painted in front of the entrance to the pond area, to reduce the risk of motorists blocking access.

Chapmans Pond car park

Concerns have been raised about York College students using the car park for all-day parking, which reduces the spaces available for visitors to the pond and customers at the Love to Eat café. Cllr Stephen Fenton has raised this issue with the College.

An example of ‘problem parking’ is pictured below.


2 thoughts on “Chapmans Pond car park markings refreshed

  1. Heather Cawte says:

    Is there nothing the council can do to stop the inconvenience of these students parking everywhere? I’m a Revival Estate resident, and we’re sick to death of students taking up parking space meant for residents.

  2. Stephen Fenton says:

    It continues to be a problem. I’m talking with officers at the council to try to find a solution.

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