Action on overhanging vegetation

Cllr Stephen Fenton is taking action to have overhanging vegetation cut back which poses a hazard to pedestrians and motorists.

On Aintree Court, near the junction with Mayfield Grove, vegetation from the Railway Pond site was encroaching into the road, forcing motorists to drive towards the centre of the road on what is a blind bend. This was reported and it has now been cut back.

On Acomb Wood Drive, a stretch of vegetation near the phone box, opposite the entrance to the pub car park, was obstructing the footpath making it difficult for pedestrians to pass. This was reported and has been cut back.

Over the road at the entrance to the pub car park, a clump of vegetation has been left to grow out of control, blocking access to the footpath and the cycle racks. This is on private land, so we are trying to get some action taken to have this cut back.

Footpath at the entrance to the Quaker Wood car park

Finally, at the entrance to the Woodlands estate on Bellhouse Way, vegetation was obstructing the cycle / foot path. The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust have taken action to have some of the vegetation cut back.

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