Controversial Tadcaster Road planning application approved

A controversial planning application to demolish two homes on Tadcaster Road and shoehorn 11 properties onto the site was approved by members of City of York Council’s Area Planning Sub Committee on 9 November.

The plans attracted overwhelming opposition from local residents and ward councillors, but officers recommended approval. Cllr Ann Reid spoke at the meeting to highlight the reasons why the application should be refused, one of which was the impact of adding another junction into what is already a very busy stretch of road.

Six members of the committee supported the recommendation to approve the application and four were opposed, so the application was approved. It was agreed however to add as a condition for approval that the narrow track connecting the site to Mayfield Grove should be restricted to pedestrian and cycle use only.

2 thoughts on “Controversial Tadcaster Road planning application approved

  1. Luke Zwalf says:

    As a resident of St Helens Road, this is devastating news. It’s outrageous to thrust so many homes into such a small area which will have a knock on effect in terms of drainage, noise, parking….the list goes on. What an outrageous decision. Thank you for your help in trying to avoid this. Is there any course of action left?

    • stephenfenton says:

      Sadly there is no opportunity to appeal against the decision – applicants can appeal if their application is refused, but appeals against approval are not permitted.

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