New threat emerges to Moor Lane Green Belt

Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Lib Dem councillor Stephen Fenton has expressed concern at the submission of an application for a ‘scoping opinion’ on proposals to develop land off Moor Lane in Woodthorpe that has been earmarked as Green Belt.

The application refers to plans to build 500 homes on land adjacent to the Askham Bog nature reserve, along with a school, sports facilities, allotments and public open space. It is believed to be a precursor to a more detailed planning application being submitted.

The red line marks the area for which an application has been made for a ‘scoping opinion’

Developers have previously set out their desire to develop the site, most recently in 2016 when they published a brochure setting out an aspiration to build 1,250 homes:

Moor Lane green belt plans challenged

Commenting on the new application, Cllr Fenton said “This application for land that has been earmarked as Green Belt is unwelcome, and will be resisted.

“Throughout the various stages of consultation on York’s Local Plan, residents and local councillors have been firm in their opposition to the development of this site, which is right next to the Askham Bog Site of Special Scientific Interest.”

Following the submission of York’s Local Plan to Government on 25 May 2018, Planning Inspectors have been appointed to conduct an examination as to whether the Plan is ‘sound.’

2 thoughts on “New threat emerges to Moor Lane Green Belt

  1. Jacqueline Darby says:

    I have walked with my husband around Askham Bog many times, it’s a haven for appreciating the wild life, plants, trees and also the serenity.

    “Askham Bog is regarded as one of the most ecologically diverse sites in Northern England;[4] especially regarding plants, invertebrates and birds.[2] The ecological diversity is attributable to a wide diversity of habitats ranging from fen-meadow with base-rich ground on the periphery to more inward carr woodland and raised bog with acid soil; interspersed with dykes and stands of open water”

    A short passage from Wikipedia

    Whilst l understand the need for housing, sites like these should be protected. I hope the there will be much support to stop this happening.

  2. Tony bodle says:

    Having worked in the construction industry I am very concerned by the direct and indirect impact upon the area covered by the proposed Moor Lane development Woodthorpe. Apart from the loss of “green belt” buffer zone, the proposed development is in a particularly fragile ecological area. The effect of surface water run off, spillage and contaminated seepage can only have a detrimental effect upon Askham Bog SSSI. Whilst I am fully aware of the need for housing, and indeed affordable housing, there is also a need for restraint.

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