TalkTalk online ‘Hub’ to provide updates on UFO installation

As the installation of Ultra Fibre Optic cable gathers pace along Tadcaster Road, TalkTalk has established a new ‘Hub’ web page where residents can register for email updates and read the latest UFO news.

The Hub includes a ‘planned build works’ button to find out about the network build and a Frequently Asked Questions section. The Hub will be updated every Tuesday afternoon.

The TalkTalk Care Line team continues to operate, and they can be contacted on 0800 542 8073 or

Meanwhile Cllr Stephen Fenton is following up complaints raised by residents on Pulleyn Drive about the quality of the grass verge reinstatement. The soil put down contains a lot of rubble, and as yet grass seed has not been sown.

2 thoughts on “TalkTalk online ‘Hub’ to provide updates on UFO installation

  1. Amanda Lister says:

    That’s more like sub-soil to me than top- soil. Any grass seed sown would struggle anyway

  2. Judith Woods says:

    Pulleyn Drive residents are lucky. You should see where we live. Orange and yellow marks have surrounded footpath repairs in Ullswater for some 4 years now! Who cares?
    Moor Lane Bridge is disgraceful, full of potholes as is Woodthorpe exit from A1237 on the second bend.
    Half of an old street lamp still has cone thrown over it – eyesores!

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