Extra green bin emptying dates confirmed

The extra garden waste collections will take place during the weeks commencing 19th and 26th January 2015.

The collections will be on residents normal recycling collection day.Waste calendar 2015

Christmas trees will also be collected at the same time.

Residents should by now have received a new collection calendar (right).

If not please visit the Council’s Facebook site.


Planning permission sought for replacement sports hall at Heslington

The planning committee taking place on 4th December will consider an application to replace the temporary University sports hall which is located on Heslington Lane.

The temporary hall has been in use for over 8 years and is showing signs of wear and tear.

Location of hall

Location of hall

The replacement hall measures approximately 55m x 40m x 13m to the ridge. The building would be insulated and incorporate heating and ventilation. Materials would comprise insulated panels and a fabric membrane roof, all over a galvanised steel frame. Access would remain as existing, from Heslington Lane via James Way.

The application is recommended for approval.

Sport England have asked for a condition securing the use of the sports hall by the local community.

The hall is additional to the facilities being provided at the sports village on Hull Road.

Low emission taxis come to York


York’s ‘first low emission taxi company’ is gearing up to help people get from ‘a to b’ with its new green fleet.

Prius taxi in New York

Prius taxi in New York

Following support from City of York Council, Streamline Taxis has become the first taxi service in York to operate low emission vehicles with 10 new hybrid taxis and one electric taxi. In addition to this, the taxi company has traded in a number of older diesel cabs which will improve air pollution in York.

This follows a scheme which the council launched in 2013 which offered taxi companies discounts off the purchase price of new and used low emission taxis.

York was the first city in the UK to offer taxi drivers funding towards the price of a low emission taxi to help to reduce air pollution through the Low Emission Taxi incentive, which offers up to £3,000 off the purchase price of a new or used hybrid or electric taxi up to five-years old.

The scheme is funded by the government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF or i-Travel York) and has seen an investment of £67k used over the past two financial years.

Castlegate closure – York Council backs down

Labour admits “Could have done better, should have gone further with consultation”.

The future of the Castlegate youth advisory centre has been the subject of further debate today.

A few days ago details of the number of young people using the centre over the last few years was published by the Council, together with the reason for their visit.

Customer numbers Castlegate

  • Around 20 people a day use the centre.
  • Over half the visits each year were connected with job searches.
  • The majority of the users are aged between 16 and 19.

After an unnecessary game of pass the parcel the Labour Cabinet have tonight caved in and agreed to reprieve the youth advice service in York.

A working group is being set up to consider options for the continuation of youth advice and help services. It will first consult widely

The Council is expecting to receive proposals in early January. They will be discussed at a YorOk Board on 12th January.

The responsible Cabinet member admitted

We need to make West Offices a better experience for visitors

Latest Planning applications Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward

Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward.

Full details can be found by clicking the application reference


Location:       Omnicom Engineering 292 Tadcaster Road York YO24 1ET

Proposal:       Two storey side and rear extensions, single storey rear extension and detached annexe to rear

Ref No: 14/02421/FUL

Applicant:      Mr & Mrs Forsyth     Contact Mr Matthew Parkins      Consultation Expiry Date        17 December 2014 Case Officer:   David Johnson   Expected Decision Level DEL


Location:       Omnicom Engineering 292 Tadcaster Road York YO24 1ET

Proposal:       Two storey side and rear extensions, single storey rear extension and detached annexe to rear, new rooflights to rear and internal alterations

Ref No: 14/02422/LBC

Applicant:      Mr & Mrs Forsyth        Contact Mr Matthew Parkins      Consultation Expiry Date        17 December 2014 Case Officer:   David Johnson   Expected Decision Level DEL


Location:       90 Ryecroft Avenue York YO24 2SD

Proposal:       Single storey rear extension

Ref No: 14/02549/FUL

Applicant:      Mr And Mrs John Farrell Contact Simon Horne     Consultation Expiry Date        15 December 2014 Case Officer:   Carolyn Howarth Expected Decision Level DEL


Location:       5 Girvan Close York YO24 2XR

Proposal:       Single storey side extension and two storey side extension

Ref No: 14/02616/FUL

Applicant:      Mr Lana Scoot   Contact Mr Chris Allan  Consultation Expiry Date        15 December 2014Case Officer:   David Johnson   Expected Decision Level DEL


Representations can be made in favour of, or in objection to, any application via the Planning on line web site.  http://planningaccess.york.gov.uk/online-applications/

NB. The Council now no longer routinely consults neighbours by letter when an application is received.

£2 million cost to allow elderly/disabled to live in their own homes

The City of York Council will make a child subject to a Child Protection Plan (sometimes referred to as the child protection register) if an Initial Child Protection Conference of multi-agency professionals finds that the child has suffered and is likely to suffer significant harm. Child protection

Such harm could be the result of physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect (definitions from Working Together 2013).

The numbers subject to Child Protection Plans in the City have been;

  • 162 @ March 2012
  • 123 @ March 2013
  • 125 @ March 2014
  • 114 @ September 2014

York Council indecision mounts

Second Council “Cabinet” meeting postponed

For the second month running the Council’s policy decision making body, the “Cabinet”, will not meet. The meeting was to have taken place on 2nd December. But now – like the meeting which was to have taken place on 4th November – it has been cancelled.

It means that no major decisions will have been taken since 7th October.

The next Cabinet meeting is not due to take place until 6th January, only a few weeks before the Councils budget has to be drawn up.

Future of empty Guildhall still unclear

Future of empty Guildhall still unclear

The indecision is being blamed on the chaotic state of the Council’s Labour group, which still has the largest number of members. Recently the Council Leader announced his resignation leading to an apparent power vacuum and crippling the decision making process.

Amongst the decisions which were due to be made were the future of the Guildhall. Labour plans a hugely expensive “digital media and arts centrefor the building but it unlikely that the new Council would agreed to the increased levels of borrowing required to fund the project. It is possible that the, relatively new, annex – which comprises mainly modern offices – may now be marketed separately.

Other agenda items, now shelved, include:

Senior Councillors have now had sufficient time (over 6 weeks) to come up with a workable way of making decisions in a balanced (hung) Council.

It had to do so in a similar situation, between 2007 and 2011, when there was little delay in dealing with issues..

It is now vital that all Parties agree to put the welfare of the City ahead of partisan political priorities.

£2 million cost to allow elderly/disabled to live in their own homes

main_Home_Adaptations_1309352092The York Council spent over £800,000 last year in providing accessible shower facilities for their disabled occupants. Most of this was spent on adaptations to private houses (£564,000) with Council properties making up the balance (£249,000)

In total over £2 million was spent making it easier for elderly and disabled people to continue to live at home.

The figures were provided by the Council in response to a Freedom of Information request

NB. Internal appeals against the York Councils internal refusal to release information under FOI legislation have been upheld on 44 occasions in the 12 months up to the end of September. The decisions are in addition to thise referred to the Office of the Information Commissioner