Woodlands playground out of action

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust has locked the playground on the Woodland estate, off Bellhouse Way / Sherringham Drive. The park was closed after the slide had recently been vandalised and graffiti had been sprayed on the benches.

Gates locked











It is very disappointing that the mindless actions of a minority spoils things for everyone else.

Lovel House fence smashed following Police car chase

A wooden fence at Lovel House, off Wains Road, has been destroyed after a car smashed through it following a Police chase. Cllr Stephen Fenton has asked the council’s Housing team to arrange for repairs to be made ASAP, as the gap created leaves access to the field wide open.









The car caused significant damage to the metal fencing around the Acorn Rugby Club pitches, but this was repaired within days.

Burglary on White House Rise

North Yorkshire Police report that there was a 2-in-1 burglary at an address on White House Rise, off Pulleyn Drive, between 00:00hrs and 07:00hrs on Wednesday 9 January.

If anyone has any information they should dial 101 and quote ref: NYP-09012019-0058. Officers are conducting enquiries and ask that you report any suspicious activity and/or incidents to police via 101 or 999 as appropriate.

Theft from vehicles on Chantry Close and Summerfield Road

Between the hours of 19:30 and 23:45 on Wednesday 2 January there were two separate incidents on Chantry Close and Summerfield Road in which items were taken from unattended vehicles.

Any residents who have information in relation to these incidents should phone 101 and quote NYP-02012019-0534 for Chantry Close or NYP-02012019-0425 for Summerfield Road.

When leaving your vehicle North Yorkshire Police urge residents to remove any valuables from your vehicle and ensure that all doors are locked and windows are closed. If you see anyone acting suspiciously then please don’t hesitate to phone 999 in an emergency or 101 in a non-emergency.

Police message re Silverdale Court area

Residents of Silverdale Court, Woodthorpe,

Police have received numerous reports of persons trying car door handles on Silverdale Court on Friday and Saturday evening.

The description ranges from one person up to 3 persons.

Please can we ask that if you see such activity that you report this matter urgently so we can respond to the area and attempt to detain those responsible.

Action to tackle Askham Bar flytipping

Local Lib Dem councillor Stephen Fenton is leading efforts to tackle flytipping at the recycling banks at the Askham Bar Tesco car park.

There are persistent problems with household waste being dumped here, and there is an accumulation of litter around the recycling banks. The popularity of the clothes and shoes recycling banks has also led to bags of donations being dumped next to the full bins.

Dumping at Yorkshire Air Ambulance clothing banks

Household waste flytipped










On 20 August Stephen arranged a meeting on site with representatives from Yorwaste, City of York Council and Tesco to discuss the problems and what can be done to improve the situation. Actions arising from the meeting included checking on the frequency of emptying recycling banks which are sometimes overflowing, and exploring options for more proactive enforcement to increase the chances of catching flytippers.

It was noted that the return of the second cardboard bank has helped to improve matters in recent weeks.

Stephen commented  “There are many parties involved in the maintenance and management of this site – for example, a range of different companies are responsible for emptying the variety of banks. It was good to get some of the key players together to discuss the problems and try to come up with a plan.

“It’s important that when flytipping is spotted, the council’s Neighbourhood Enforcement Team is notified via neo@york.gov.uk or tel. 01904 551555. They can then look for evidence which will help to identify the cuplrit.”

Stephen has made contact with two of the companies responsible for emptying the donation banks for Yorkshire Air Ambulance (clothes) and Variety Club (shoes) following a build-up of donations piled up against the bins.









The response from both firms was positive. SOEX UK Ltd, which manages the shoe bank, confirmed that it will take steps to ensure that it is emptied every Tuesday. Bag It Up Ltd, which manages the clothes bank, stated that they are looking into these issues and tweaking schedules to get on top of any sites that have overflow issues.

Stephen said “I’m pleased with the quick response from the firms that look after the clothing and shoe banks, and their commitment to action. If any residents want to donate but find that the banks are full, please take the bags home and do not dump them next to the bins.”

Dog fouling concerns on North Lane

In response to concerns raised by residents about dog fouling, a sign has been installed on North Lane in Dringhouses reminding irresponsible owners of the penalties of not picking up after their dog.









The sign has been funded from the Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward Committee budget.

Security patrols get underway in Woodthorpe

Local Lib Dem councillors have welcomed the start of daily security patrols in the Ashbourne Way / Summerfield Road area, following concerns from residents about anti social behaviour.

Cllr Ashley Mason with the patrol vehicle on Summerfield Road

The Dringhouses & Woodthorpe ward budget is being used to fund a six-month trial of daily visits by a Gough & Kelly security patrol with body-worn cameras. The aim is to gather evidence of the nature of the problems, with a view to informing a decision about whether a fixed CCTV camera would be beneficial.

Residents are being encouraged to take part in a survey, which has been set up by Gough & Kelly. It can be accessed at  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TH7XT3Q


Woodthorpe residents encouraged to have their say on CCTV plans

Local Lib Dem councillors are encouraging residents to have their say on plans designed to tackle anti social behaviour in parts of Woodthorpe.

Example of a body-worn CCTV camera

Residents have expressed concern about vandalism and anti social behaviour in the Ashbourne Way and Summerfield Road area and also around the newly-refurbished playground at Woodthorpe Green.

In response, the Ward Budget is being used to fund a six-month trial of daily visits by a Gough & Kelly security patrol with body-worn cameras.

The aim is to gather evidence of the nature of the problems, with a view to informing a decision about whether a fixed CCTV camera would be beneficial.

The survey, which has been set up by Gough & Kelly, can be accessed at  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TH7XT3Q

The questions posed in the survey are:

  1. Do you feel there is a need for patrols with body-worn video in the Summerfield Road / Ashbourne Way area?
  2. Would having patrols make you feel safer?
  3. Are you happy that patrols have been considered as a way of documenting evidence to support the installation of a fixed CCTV camera?
  4. Are you happy for images of you to be recorded and stored for 31 days?
  5. Can you think of incidents where CCTV would have been useful in the area?
  6. Do you have any other comments, questions or concerns?