Police and crime update for York

Police seek youths following a small fire on York Knavesmire

York police are appealing for information to help identify a group of youths following an arson incident in the city. It occurred at 9.45pm on Thursday 11 July 2013, on the Knavesmire, when a number of portable toilets, used at York racecourse, were set alight, causing around £400 worth of damage. More

Workman’s wallet stolen from van in York

York police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after an electrician’s wallet was stolen from his van.
The victim, a 51-year-old local man, was working on traffic lights at the junction of Poppleton Road and Boroughbridge Road at around 12pm on Thursday 11 July 2013, when his wallet was taken from his works van which was parked next to him. More

Views needed on changes to Firearms and Explosives Licensing services

North Yorkshire Police and Julia Mulligan, the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner, want feedback on planned changes to the way Firearms and Explosives Licensing services are accessed across the county.
Following national eCommerce guidance, applications and renewals for Firearms Licences will soon be available online.
This means customers can log onto the North Yorkshire Police website at any time to fill in their forms rather than having to fill them in by hand and send them to the police. More

Latest mobile speed camera locations – plea to check speeds on other roads like Moor Lane

The latest list of roads likely to be checked by the mobile speed camera van over the next week has been published here.

The Police seem to be returning to the same roads each week.

There are others where speeding is an issue and which could usefully be monitored (Wetherby Road, Acomb Wood Drive, Moor Lane etc). The York Council could usefully review the data that it holds for roads with a poor accident record – or evidence of persistent high speeds – and work with the Police to refocus resources.

Meanwhile the latest enforcement results reveal that last week the largest number of offenders were caught on Murton Way (19) followed by York Road Haxby (18), and Tadcaster Road (10).

26 offenders were caught on the A1237 during four separate visits by the camera van.

Neighbourhood Watch “ringmaster crime alerts” available on line

Recent crime alerts issued by York local policing teams can be found by clicking here:

West – http://yorkwatch.org.uk/yorkwatch/west/

Central/East – http://yorkwatch.org.uk/yorkwatch/cande/

North – http://yorkwatch.org.uk/yorkwatch/north/

The links can also be accessed form the new Neighbourhood Watch web site http://yorkwatch.org.uk/yorkwatch/

For details of crimes committed in west York click the map below and enter your local post code

click map to go to Police web site

click map to go to Police web site

Record number of speeders caught in York area. 280 offenders trigger cameras in one week. A1237 and Beckfield Lane are major problem areas.

The largest total of speeders ever to be caught by mobile speed cameras in York were recorded last week (9th – 15th June)

A total of 280 offences were recorded. Of these 250 drivers were invited to attend speed awareness courses although 30 faced more severe penalties.

Once again the road with the worst record was the A1237 near Monks Cross where 62 offenders were identified.

Other roads with a poor record included Beckfield Lane (44), York Road Haxby (32), Strensall Road Huntington (30) and Towthorpe Road Haxby.

The full details can be found by clicking here

North Yorkshire Police mobile safety camera routes 19 to 25 June 2013

Below are enforcement locations for North Yorkshire Police’s mobile safety cameras for week commencing Wednesday 19 June 2013.

Beckfield Lane Acomb York

• Main Street Askham Richard

• Millfield lane Poppleton York

• Tadcaster Road Dringhouses York

• Temple Lane Copmanthorpe York

• Greenshaw Drive Haxby

• Towthorpe Road Haxby

• York Road Haxby York

• Church Lane Wheldrake
• Grange Farm, Wheldrake Lane, Elvington
• Malton Road York
• Murton Way Murton York
• Strensall Road Huntington York
• The village Stockton-on-the-Forest York

Number caught speeding by mobile cameras down in York.

The latest figures release by North Yorkshire Police suggest that fewer drivers were caught by the mobile speed camera vans exceeding speed limits in the York area.

The A1237 at Monks Cross continues to be the road where the largest numbers are caught, although in a 30 minute period 10 drivers were found to be exceeding the limit on Beckfield Lane

Details for the whole of North Yorkshire can be found here. http://www.northyorkshire.police.uk/10951

Ashbourne Way snicket closure to be discussed

The Council is to consider, on 18th April, a petition which asks for the night time closure of the snickets leading off Ashbourne Way

The snickets are well used during the day, not least by children attending the Woodthorpe School.

Night time closures have been tried before – notably in the nearby Carrfield/Foxton/Chantry Close area – where, in 2009, a similar plan was abandoned following objections by local residents.

Schemes of this sort now tend to rely on mechanisms which automatically lock and unlock a gate at a particular time. None have worked successfully in York other than perhaps that located at the rear entrance to the railway station, from Lowther Terrace, although there the access is part of the cycle network.

Such heavy duty gates are expensive to install and maintain.

Council officials have previously ruled out on cost grounds using staff to lock this type of gate while the use of volunteers has been ruled out on reliability grounds.

The meeting on 18th is likely to be asked only to consider whether the request should be put out for more general consultation.