Flooding: Appeal for coats, towels, bedding and cleaning materials

The Foxwood Community Centre on Bellhouse Way (Cranfield Place junction) is opening between 12:00 noon and 2:00pm today (Sunday) to receive gifts of:

  • Clean bedding

    Foxwood Community Centre

    Foxwood Community Centre

  • Warm clothing particularly coats
  • Cleaning materials
  • Clean towels

which will be offered to the victims of flooding here in York.



Generally the floods have had less impact on west York than on roads nearer the Foss and the Ouse.

Windsor House older peoples home suffered basement flooding yesterday and the was a re-occurrence of “backing up” problems in the  sewers in Foxwood Lane south.

In the Woodthorpe area sandbags had to be deployed in the Coeside/Nevis way area.

The Community is therefore being asked to help wherever possible those who have been evacuated from their homes in central and east York

Flooding hits Woodthorpe

An overflowing ditch caused flooding in Woodthorpe on Boxing Day, affecting properties on Coeside and Nevis Way.

Boxing Day floods
Water from the ditch flowed through gardens and garages onto the street. Council staff have delivered sandbags to the properties affected, which can be deployed should the ditch overflow again. A request has also been logged for debris to be removed from the grate in the ditch where is passes under Moor Lane.

Flooding in York – latest from the Environment Agency

Flood Warnings have been issued for the River Ouse at York for Skeldergate and Peckitt Street, St Georges Field, and Riverside Properties.

The current river level at the York Viking Recorder is 4.26m or 13 feet 12 inches and slowly rising. Levels are expected to peak between 4.3m or 14 feet and 1 inch, and 4.4m or 14 feet 5 inches during Monday.

We will see showery rain on Monday and we are expecting further rain overnight into Tuesday.

Our Incident Response teams are on 24 hour duty.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this forecast as new information becomes available.

Situation last changed 7:45am Monday 07 December 2015

Ouse 0932 7th Dec 2015

Flooding in York – bus diversions 3. 4 and 59

Location: Skeldergate/Clifford Street and Nether Poppleton
Cause: Flooding
Dates: 7 Dec 2015
Skeldergate Flooding

From Blossom Street buses will divert via Nunnery Lane, Prices Lane, Bishopgate Street, Tower Street then as normal route.

Skeldergate and Clifford Street Flooding

Buses will follow normal route to Railway Station, where they will terminate, returning by turning at Station Road.

Nether Poppleton Flooding

Buses will divert in Poppleton as follows;

From Millfield Lane  left on to Ebor Way, right onto Alllerton Drive, Riversvale Drive, left on to Main Street, then as normal route. Wait time at Upper Poppleton Green.

Clifton Green/Leeman Road Flooding

From Poppleton, buses will divert from Boroughbridge Road via Poppleton Road, Holgate Road, Blossom Street, Queen Street, Station Road, then as normal route.

To Poppleton, buses will divert from Rougier Street via Station Road, Railway Station, Queen Street, Blossom Street, Holgate Road, Poppleton Road, then as normal route.

Stamford Bridge Flooding

Buses will divert from Dunnington as follows; From Greyhound crossroads, left on to Common Road, left on to A1079, leftonto Long Lane, bear right Lofthouse Lane, follow road round, High Catton Road, to Stamford Bridge Terminus.

Returning; via Roman Avenue loop, left High Catton Road, Lofthouse Lane, Long Lane, right on to A1079, right on to Common Road, left at Greyhound crossroads, then as normal route.

More at http://manage.firstgroup.com/york/news-and-service-updates/current-issues/buses-3-4-and-59

Latest York flooding warning from the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency has issued an update saying that flood levels could reach 4.5 metres by Monday afternoon.

They are not expected to reach 2012 levels.

The flood warnings for the River Ouse at York riverside properties and St George’s Field remain in force due to rising levels on the Ouse in response to rain in the upper catchments. The current river level at the York Viking Recorder is 3.62m or 11 feet 11 inches. We are expecting the River Ouse to rise during Sunday. Currently we expect the peak to be during Monday afternoon and evening at around 4.2m to 4.5m or 13 feet 9 inches to 14 feet 9 inches. Our Incident Response teams are on 24 hour duty. We will continue to monitor the situation and update this forecast as new information becomes available. 

Situation last changed 10:03am Sunday 06 December 2015

Follow the environment Agency on Twitter https://twitter.com/EnvAgencyYNE

Live York river level gauge here https://twitter.com/riverlevel_1900

click to access live cam

click to access live cam

Serious flooding can be expected if the top of the no entry sign disappears underwater.


Water water everywhere (particularly on Tadcaster Road)

Cllr Stephen Fenton has asked council officers to investigate measures to tackle the frequent flooding on Tadcaster Road at the junction with Calcaria Court (near the St Helens Road traffic lights).

A dip in the road surface combined with some strategically ill-placed drains has created a ‘bowl’ in which water accumulates. The picture below was taken on Sunday 15th November.

Calcaria Court


















Stephen is also asking officers to look again at the drainage arrangements outside the vets and Vinyl Eddie’s on Tadcaster Road. The area was cleared recently, but the ‘lagoon’ next to the bus stop is as bad as ever and mixed with rotting leaves, has formed a thick sludge. The local Lib Dem team believe that a more fundamental look at drainage arrangements at this location is needed.


Flooding risks in York

Kings Staithe web cam click to update

Kings Staith web cam click to update

It’s that time of year again and a flood warning has been issued by the Environment Agency.
River levels are not expected to increase to those seen in 2012.
Detailed river levels can be found on the EA web site http://tinyurl.com/Ouse-catchment
The best indicator remains the real time CCTV camera which records river levels on Kings Staith (above).
There is a significant risk if the top of the “no entry” sign disappears under water!
You can register to receive flooding alerts by clicking here (phone text or Email)


Motorists advised to avoid Tadcaster Road if possible this afternoon

St Helen's Road 1400 hours 13th May 2015

St Helen’s Road 1400 hours 13th May 2015

It looks like Tadcaster Road will be very congested at teatime.

St Helen’s Road is still closed although now relatively free of surface water following the burst main earlier today. Workers are still digging their way down to the source of the problem. There is access for pedestrians and cyclists (who will need to dismount next to the roadworks)

It is race day so several hundred vehicles will be leaving the Knavesmire at tea time.

Those who can are advised to avoid driving down Tadcaster Road.

The number 4 bus route diversion remains in place.