Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward Committee Grants

Friends of Hob Moor logoDetails of the grants approved by the Ward committee for the current year have been published on the Councils web site. Click here 

Beneficiaries include the Woodthorpe Community Group, West Thorpe Methodist Church, St James the Deacon Church, the Mayfields Community Trust, “Craft & Chat”, the Friends of Chapman’s Pond and the Friends of Hob Moor,

An “on line” newsletter covering the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe area can now also be found on the Council’s web site click here: https://www.york.gov.uk/news/article/54/dringhouses_and_woodthorpe_ward_news_councillors_update_december_2015


Getting things done around Tadcaster Road

Ann, Stephen and Ashley have been busy getting things done in the Tadcaster Road area.

  • We asked for the badly faded road markings on Whin Road to be renewed, and this has been done. Whin Road is intersected by Middlethorpe Grove and Dringthorpe Road, and from a safety perspective it’s important that road users know who has right of way.

Whin Road white lines


  • We asked for the large pothole to be filled near to the bus stop outside the vets on Tadcaster Road which was a hazard to cyclists and motorists, and this has been done.

Tad Road resurfaced


















  • We asked Network Rail to remove the obscene graffiti that had been daubed on the Hob Moor underpass. Two days after reporting it, the graffiti had been painted over. We are continuing to press for action to clean up the graffiti that has appeared on cable boxes around the ward.


Local services mapped out

Salt bin locations west York 22nd Nov 2015


The York Council has a useful map available online at http://localview.york.gov.uk/Sites/TranStreetCare/#

It shows the location of many local services including individual street lighting columns (with their I/D number and type) plus litter bins and poop scoop bins. It also shows which roads and footpaths have been adopted for maintenance purposes.

At this time of year the map can be used to locate salt bins while also displaying the route that the gritting lorries follow.

You can get daily updates on twitter from the gritting teams https://twitter.com/yorkgritter

The map indicates how many volunteer “snow wardens” there are in the area. There are nine in the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward

Volunteer snow wardens are residents who give up some of their time to clear snow during bad weather. There are 211 registered volunteers across York. The Council provides volunteers with:

  • training
  • high-visibility vests
  • snow-clearing kits
  • insurance
  • grit

We know that some of the local salt bins have been filled with litter.  If one needs attention, please e-mail Cllr Stephen Fenton at cllr.sfenton@york.gov.uk



Action on leaf litter clearance

Cllr Stephen Fenton has secured action to remove compacted leaf litter on the cycle track which links the Askham Bar Tesco store with Moor Lane.

The 'leaf vacuum' in action on 11th November

The ‘leaf vacuum’ in action on 11th November






















The council’s ‘leaf vacuum’ was deployed to clear up the cycle track on the morning of 11th November.

A significant improvement!

A significant improvement!













Residents who are aware of any other footpaths or cycle paths that are in need of clearing should call Stephen on 07751 963215 or e-mail cllr.sfenton@york.gov.uk

No to cuts in Policing numbers in York – Petition launched

The Conservative Government is planning to cut the Home Office budget in November’s Comprehensive Spending Review and change the ‘Police Funding Formula’.

Teresa May police cuts

The North Yorkshire Police Federation has warned that these comibined cuts could see a reduction in police numbers and leave North Yorkshire Police (who cover York) with fewer police officers than when the force was founded in 1974. The Federation has called for North Yorkshire to be given a “fair deal” by the Government.

To show our support for North Yorkshire Police we have started the folloiwng petition which we urge you to sign:

I/We the undersigned oppose plans by the Conservative Government to cut the funding for the North Yorkshire Police.

Click here

Woodthorpe Post Office alcohol licence bid

An application has been submitted to the council for a licence to allow for the sale of alcohol (off the premises) at Woodthorpe Post Office.

PO alcohol licence application

Residents can make representations in writing if they wish. The address to write to is City of York Council, Licensing Services, Hazel Court EcoDepot, James Street, York. Y010 3DS.

Further information about licensing can be found at https://www.york.gov.uk/info/20169/business_licences/1194/entertainment_and_alcohol_licensing_register

York Council completes 2015 street lighting upgrade programme

The Council has completed this years programme of street light upgrades.

The new LED lighting units are expected to use less electricity and be more reliable.

They will also contribute towards reducing the City’s “carbon footprint”

In  total 6017 units have been upgraded during the summer at a cost of nearly £1.5 million.

In the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward the following streets have seen upgraded. A complete list of works undertaken across the City can be found by clicking here

Dringhouses road list


(NB Not all units were necessarily changed in each street)

Woodthorpe shops phone box set to be axed

British Telecom have announced plans to remove the phone box located outside the Woodthorpe shops on Moorcroft Road.

No consultation planned by BT on phone box removal

No consultation planned by BT on phone box removal



















The sign that has been put up by BT makes it clear that no consultation is planned, nor does it give any clue as to when the phone box is likely to be removed.

Councillor Stephen Fenton recently asked for repairs to be made to the kiosk (which have been done), as part of efforts to improve the environment around the shops.