Poor take up on extra green bins

It looks like the Councils leaflet explaining when waste will be collected has failed to reach many residents.

In some streets today the majority had put out recycling expecting it to be removed. (There is no waste collection this week).

Recycling put out for collection today

Recycling put out for collection today

NB. 1,512 York households have paid for an additional garden waste collection bin compared to a budgeted estimate of 3,500.

No rubbish collections in York this week

We have had reports that some residents have not yet received their new rubbish collection calendars.

You can access a look up table which gives details of collection arrangements for your postcode by clicking here

There are no scheduled refuse collections this week.  Many residents will take advantage of the recycling facilities dotted around the City. Some are already full to overflowing. We have asked for them to be emptied.

Skips are next due to visit west York on 3rd January 2015

Recycling bin at Tesco full on Sunday

Recycling bin at Tesco full on Sunday


Waste collection arrangements in York over Christmas and New Year – reminder

grey waste bin

  • All households will get a rubbish collection this week (w/c 15 Dec) so all rubbish bins will be emptied in the run up to Christmas. Recycling collections will continue as normal.
  • There will be NO rubbish or recycling collections during Christmas week (22 to 26 December)
  • All households will get a rubbish collection the week after Christmas (w/c 29 Dec) so all rubbish bins will be emptied. Recycling collections will continue as normal.
  • There will be NO rubbish or recycling collections on Thursday 1 January. Collection of rubbish missed this day will happen on Saturday 3 January instead. Recycling will be collected on your next scheduled collection day after that
  • Residents who put out their own bins will need to make sure they’re out by 7am, as collection times can vary. If anyone needs to check their collection dates please use the online tool (click) There is a calendar which can be printed from the ‘results’ page.
  • The Council have agreed to empty green bins on an additional occasion this winter .They will be emptied, on your recyclables day, during the weeks commencing 19th and 26th January 2015 . Christmas trees (real) will also be collected if they are cut up and put inside your green bin.
  • The Hazel Court recycling centre will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. Its current opening hours are Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 5.00pm Sundays 8.30am to 4.00pm
  • Local skip locations are detailed below
Skip Programme Click to enlarge

Skip Programme Click to enlarge

Waste collections over Christmas & New Year

Following the citywide distribution of 2014/15 waste and recycling calendars, City of York Council is reminding residents when collections will take place over the festive period.waste lorry

To prevent a build up of rubbish all households will receive a rubbish collection the week before and the week after Christmas.

However, household recycling and rubbish collections will not take place from 22 December to 26 December.

All households which are due a rubbish or recycling collection on Thursday 1 January will receive a rubbish collection on Saturday 3 January instead, but there will be no recycling collections on this day.

Extra green bin emptying dates confirmed

The extra garden waste collections will take place during the weeks commencing 19th and 26th January 2015.

The collections will be on residents normal recycling collection day.Waste calendar 2015

Christmas trees will also be collected at the same time.

Residents should by now have received a new collection calendar (right).

If not please visit the Council’s Facebook site.


New 2014/15 waste and recycling calendars

Recycling wagon

City of York Council is sending households in York a new waste and recycling calendar for 2014/15.

From this week households across the city will start to receive their new calendar which outlines when collections are taking place between December 2014 and November 2015, including collections over the Christmas and New Year period.

The new calendars also provide tips and advice on what items can and can’t be recycled including paper/cardboard, glass, plastic bottles, cans/tins and if applicable garden waste.

The council also recently announced its decision to add a further garden waste collection in January to pick up out of season garden waste – to collect any remaining autumn waste and Christmas trees.

Flats, rural properties and city centre properties serviced by St Nicks recycling team will receive collection information in December. For any queries about the St Nicks recycling service in the city centre please go to http://www.stnicks.org.uk/ or telephone 01904 411821.

Residents are asked to ensure their bins or boxes are presented by 7am on the day of their collection, but no earlier than 7pm the evening before.

For more information on waste and recycling visit please visit www.york.gov.uk/recycling .Or follow on @CYCWaste on Twitter or ‘like’ CYCWaste on Facebook.

Pressure mounts for extra green waste collection

With high temperatures continuing and both hedges and lawns continuing to grow, the York Council has come under increased pressure to make at least one additional green bin emptying visit before Christmas.

Green waste refusebinAll the opposition groups on the Council have written to the responsible Cabinet member (Cllr Merrett) asking for the green bins to be emptied. Labour scrapped the emptying of green bins last year leaving residents without a service between November and March.

An electronic petition is being raised in support of the change

The move is backed by Liberal Democrat Councillors who have issued a statement saying

“We are calling on the Labour Cabinet to organise an additional citywide garden waste collection this month. As was the case last year, Liberal Democrat campaigners have been approached by a number of residents in recent days who are frankly bemused that the last green bin collection of the year will shortly be completed, while leaves are still falling from the trees across York.

“Residents are faced with a choice of burning their garden waste, driving across York to the remaining recycling centres or putting it into their grey waste collection – which will further increase waste sent to landfill and of course increase landfill tax.

A special garden waste collection is the only sensible option and would show residents that the council is listening to local concerns and determined to take action to reduce landfill tax.

Cost has been cited as a reason not to act, but given the rising landfill tax costs – it would surely be better for the council to spend the money on collecting the green waste rather than on the additional landfill tax which would result in not collecting the green waste.”

The joint letter from the opposition parties reads:

“Empty our Green Bins” say residents

Residents are asking the York Council to continue to empty green bins at least until Christmas.

Green waste refusebin

The request comes as – with warm weather continuing until late into the autumn for the second successive year – large amounts of green waste are continuing to accumulate.

Labour stopped emptying bins at the beginning of November as an economy measure last year. However many residents simply put the waste into grey bins, increasing the amount going to land fill.

This meant that the Council had to pay more in landfill tax

Residents can sign a petition on the council’s web site. Click here

The petition reads

We the undersigned petition the council to continue to collect green waste throughout the winter, or at least until Christmas 2014

As most people have leaves and other green waste, we want it to be collected later in the year. Not to stop at the end of October