Six new council homes planned for Chaloners Road

At a meeting of the council’s Executive on Wednesday 15th November councillors will be asked to approve a proposal that would see six two-bedroom council homes built on Chaloners Road in Dringhouses. The homes would be built on council land currently occupied by garages.

Planning approval for six apartments and two houses was granted for the site on Chaloners Road in August 2014, following earlier Cabinet approval to include the site in the wider new council housing build programme. However, in June 2016, the contractor appointed to deliver the scheme advised that they no longer wished to undertake the development. This was prior to work starting on site and has led to a re-appraisal of the development proposals.

With the building contractor withdrawing from the project, the opportunity arose to look again at local housing priorities and the site suitability for a small development of houses. There is a significant need for two-bed family housing, and the Chaloners Road site lends itself well to this.

Tree felled in Chaloners Road park

A tree has been felled in Chaloners Road park after the trunk split in half, causing branches to block the footpath.

The damaged tree was reported by Cllr Stephen Fenton on Sunday 29 October, and later that day council staff made it safe and cleared the footpath.

On Monday the tree was removed completely.

The damaged tree in Chaloners Road park

All that remains

New parking restrictions for Mayfield Grove and Wains Road

The Council has published a report reviewing parking arrangements at several locations in the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward.
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The decisions, for four roads in the area which had been reported for action, were:

  • E1 – Ullswater/Acorn Way – Agreed no action to be taken.
  • E2 – Aintree Court/Mayfield Grove – Agreed to advertise no waiting at any time restrictions on Mayfield Grove for 10m either wide of the Aintree Court junction, plus 25m into Aintree Court.
  • E3 – Bramble Dene – Agreed no action to be taken.
  • E4 – Wains Road/Chaloner’s Road – Agreed to advertise no waiting at any time restrictions for 10m both sides of the junction.

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Acomb Wood footpath set to get green light tomorrow

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Chaloners Road development also slated for approval

The Councils Planning Committee is set to approve improvements to the footpath which runs through Acomb Wood when it meets tomorrow (Thursday).

A planning application seeks permission to form a new pedestrian footpath through Acomb Wood to link Ashbourne Way and The Quaker Wood PH entrance and to extend the existing path from the Given Close entrance to Lomond Ginnel.

The footpath would be formed of a geotextile membrane which will be laid on top of the existing ground level. Up to 150mm of porous crushed recycled building material will be laid on top and held in place by timber edging. The edging will be held in place by metal or wooden stakes. The surrounding ground level would be re-profiled to the timber edging to prevent a trip hazard.

4.11 At present, whilst the path is established, it is very damp and muddy under foot. The area is extensively used as a cut through and by dog walkers. The raising of the path and the formation of a hard surface would enable the route to be more accessible and easier to negotiate when the weather is inclement.


Chaloners Road development

The demolition of the Council garages on Chaloners Road is also recommended for approval at the same meeting.

The proposal seeks to demolish the garages and erect a residential development containing 2 no. two bed houses and 6 no. 2 bed apartments.

The application is made by Housing Services and the apartments would all be for social rent (although Housing Services do not know if they will form part of the downsizing provision for the over 55s as yet). 6 no. car parking spaces would be provided.

Amenity space would be provided to the rear; including gardens for the houses and shared amenity space for the apartments.

The sub station would be relocated to the front (south west) corner of the site.