Vote Liberal Democrat in todays euro elections

Euro canvassers

Liberal Democrat supporters living in the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward may phone York 701727 if they require a lift to the polls.

The polling stations are open between 7:00am and 10:00pm.

A message from Edward McMillan Scott

With the European Elections taking place today, a new piece of research predicts that the consequences of Britain leaving the EU would be even worse than first thought.

A brand new study by Centre of Economics and Business Research estimates that now 4.2 million jobs in the UK are directly linked to our membership of the EU.

This is up from the 3 million jobs predicted by previous studies. It’s clear that British jobs are becoming even more closely linked with our membership of the EU, and the market of 500 million customers that it provides.

The dangerous policies of UKIP and many Conservartives, to withdraw Britain from the EU, would put these jobs at risk.

Over 350,000 of these jobs are right here in Yorkshire & Humber. Indeed experts predict that the North of England would be worse hit than the South.You can read more about this here.

UKIPs policies would isolate Britain and jeopardise our economic recovery just as we are turning a corner.

By staying quiet on the issue Labour and the Conservatives are no better.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party brave enough to fight for Britain’s place in Europe, for sake of British jobs and British influence in the world.

On May 22nd you have a clear choice between the party that wants to be IN Europe, and the party that wants to be OUT. Make sure that you use your vote to protect the future of over 4 million British jobs.

Best wishes,

Edward McMillan-Scott