Flooding update

The river at Ouse Bridge has fallen to 4 metres above normal levels from its Sunday peak of 5.2m.
Ouse Bridge Viking gauge 0800 30th Dec 2015

Ouse Bridge Viking gauge 0800 30th Dec 2015

Most bus services are now operating their normal routes
Bus Services 30th Dec 2015

Bus Services 30th Dec 2015

The Council is providing “clean up” skips in streets affected by flooding
Temporary skips for flood damaged items

You can find skips for flood damaged items in the following locations:

  • Tower St (x2) – inside lane opposite the tower
  • Museum gardens entrance – Museum St
  • Kings Staith
  • Piccadilly (x2) – Pay and Display Bays
  • Merchantgate (x2) – outside Red Lion
  • Fossgate at Bridge (x2)
  • Navigation Road (x4) – in resident parking bays
  • Skeldergate – near cock and bottle
  • Rosemary court (x5) – area in resident parking bays
  • Lower Friargate – in parking bays
  • Peckitt Street (x2) – in parking bays
  • Walmgate (x3) – in Pay and Display bays
  • Huntington Road (x3) – in resident parking bays near roundabout
  • Huntington Road – near bridge
  • Dennison St (x2) – in parking bays
  • Gladstone St (x2) – in parking bays
  • Yearsley Crescent
  • Haley’s Terrace York – in parking bays
  • Somerset Road – on verge
  • River Street
  • Colenso St – in parking bays
  • Lower Darnborough Street – in parking bays
  • Main Street, Acaster Malbis
  • Marlborough Grove
  • Elvington Main Street  

More at https://www.york.gov.uk/flood

All major roads have, or are in the process of, re-opening

Flooding update – water levels stable, some roads reopen

The River Ouse has stabilised at 5.2m although there is potential for a rise in river levels towards the end of the week. The river gauges on the Ouse  are still not reporting although those on Blue Beck and Tang Hall Beck show water levels falling.

  • BT are hoping to bring power back to York telephone exchange during the morning

    Rescue workers take a break at the Foxwood Community Centre

    Rescue workers take a break at the Foxwood Community Centre

  • The Army flying in kit with helicopter to help get Foss Barrier working again this week
  • There have been over 80 people who have had electricity cut off
  • 115 people used the rest centre at Archbishop Holgate School. Volunteers opened the Foxwood Community Centre yesterday evening to feed incoming rescue workers.
  • The rescue operation knocked on doors of over 600 properties
  • The Council is looking to get another 10,000 more sandbags.
  • Some roads have reopened
  • Road closures 0835 28th Dec 2015
  • Bus services

These are the current services

Bus services 28th Dec 2015