Action to tackle Askham Bar flytipping

Local Lib Dem councillor Stephen Fenton is leading efforts to tackle flytipping at the recycling banks at the Askham Bar Tesco car park.

There are persistent problems with household waste being dumped here, and there is an accumulation of litter around the recycling banks. The popularity of the clothes and shoes recycling banks has also led to bags of donations being dumped next to the full bins.

Dumping at Yorkshire Air Ambulance clothing banks

Household waste flytipped










On 20 August Stephen arranged a meeting on site with representatives from Yorwaste, City of York Council and Tesco to discuss the problems and what can be done to improve the situation. Actions arising from the meeting included checking on the frequency of emptying recycling banks which are sometimes overflowing, and exploring options for more proactive enforcement to increase the chances of catching flytippers.

It was noted that the return of the second cardboard bank has helped to improve matters in recent weeks.

Stephen commented  “There are many parties involved in the maintenance and management of this site – for example, a range of different companies are responsible for emptying the variety of banks. It was good to get some of the key players together to discuss the problems and try to come up with a plan.

“It’s important that when flytipping is spotted, the council’s Neighbourhood Enforcement Team is notified via or tel. 01904 551555. They can then look for evidence which will help to identify the cuplrit.”

Stephen has made contact with two of the companies responsible for emptying the donation banks for Yorkshire Air Ambulance (clothes) and Variety Club (shoes) following a build-up of donations piled up against the bins.









The response from both firms was positive. SOEX UK Ltd, which manages the shoe bank, confirmed that it will take steps to ensure that it is emptied every Tuesday. Bag It Up Ltd, which manages the clothes bank, stated that they are looking into these issues and tweaking schedules to get on top of any sites that have overflow issues.

Stephen said “I’m pleased with the quick response from the firms that look after the clothing and shoe banks, and their commitment to action. If any residents want to donate but find that the banks are full, please take the bags home and do not dump them next to the bins.”

Askham Bar flytipping investigated and goes to court

In August 2017 Cllr Stephen Fenton took a photo (below) of flytipping at the Askham Bar recycling banks and reported it to City of York Council’s Neighbourhood Enforcement team. They investigated, and a case went to the Magistrates Court on 2nd January. The defendant failed to attend and so the Court issued a warrant for the person’s arrest.

It’s good to know that these cases are pursued where evidence can be found. Flytipping can be reported to for investigation.

North Lane flytipping removed

We are pleased to report that Network Rail have taken action to remove the rubbish that had been dumped at the end of North Lane by the railway line.

Gone at last!

                                                  Gone at last!


This will come as a relief to local residents who had been concerned that the rubbish had been left to accumulate for many weeks.

Action on flytipping and cycle path damage

Cllr Stephen Fenton is pressing Network Rail to take action to remove flytipping from its land at the end of North Lane, next to the railway line.

Flytipping by the railway line

Flytipping by the railway line

This was reported by Stephen and local residents some weeks ago. Network Rail have said that it has been ‘sent to the maintenance team’ but they can’t give a time estimate for it to be cleared.

Meanwhile in Woodthorpe, Stephen has asked for damage done to the markings on Lomond Ginnel to be repaired. It looks as though someone has hacked away at the paint markings at the junction with Girvan Close and Eden Close.

Lomond Ginnel markings damaged

Lomond Ginnel markings damaged


Tackling street-level issues

Cllr Stephen Fenton spent the weekend out and about across the ward gathering information on street-level issues that need fixing.

Just a few weeks after a repair was made, another section of the brick wall in front of the flats on Thanet Road has been damaged. Stephen has asked for it to be repaired.

Thanet Road wall

Despite it being reported to Network Rail by residents, the fly tipping at the end of North Lane by the railway line has not been removed. Stephen has written to Network Rail to ask for it to be sorted out ASAP.

North Lane


At the other end of North Lane, a large bag of sawdust has been dumped at the entrance to Hob Moor. Stephen has asked for it to be removed.

Hob Moor

The street sign for Dringfield Close has taken a hit from something or someone, and so Stephen has asked for it to be repaired or replaced.

Dringfield Close

A large stretch of pavement on Tadcaster Road at the entrance to the Texaco garage / Co-op store is badly potholed. Stephen has asked for it to be repaired.

Tadcaster Road footpath

Another section of pavement in need of repair is on Silverdale Court, where a tree root has caused the pavement to rise up and crack, posing a trip hazard for residents. Stephen has asked for it to be repaired.

Silverdale Court






Flytipping hits Moor Lane

Large quantities of what appear to be commercial (building) waste have been dumped on the lay by off Moor Lane (pictured below).

Local Lib Dem councillor Stephen Fenton has reported the flytipping, and has commented “Hopefully there will some clues found in the dumped material as to its origins, so that the culprit can be identified and prosecuted.”

Moor Lane dumping 1 Moor Lane dumping 2

Co-op car park clean up

We are pleased to report that following action by local Lib Dem councillors, the items that had been flytipped in the car park at the rear of Woodthorpe Co-op have been removed.

Bin bags dumped in the corner of the car park

Bin bags dumped in the corner of the car park

What appears to be a pool table and a settee

What appears to be a pool table and a settee

As was reported recently in Woodthorpe FOCUS, Cllr Stephen Fenton has met with the Co-op estates team to discuss much-needed improvements to the area around the shops. Stephen has received assurances that this work is scheduled, and will make sure that this commitment is followed through.

And although the fly-tipping has gone, the car park needs a thorough clean, as it is being gradually overgrown by weeds, pictured below.

Some weed killing and clearing is in order

Some weed killing and clearing is in order


Moor Lane layby dumping tackled

Stephen has reported more dumping in the layby off Moor Lane.

Moor Lane layby 2As well as the all too familiar sight of bags of rubbish left hanging from the dog bin, a large number of beer bottles have been dumped.Moor Lane layby 1

If any residents see dumping happening here, please let Stephen, Ann or Ashley know the date and time and any other information, such as vehicle registration number.

Fly tipping removal costs £68,652

Instances of fly tipping in York have increased in each of the last 3 years.

Over £68,000 was spent last year cleaning up the mess. However only one perpetrator was prosecuted.

Part of the issue can be traced back to the closure of the Beckfield Lane amenity site.

There have also been problems with some waste collection rounds while the charges for the removal of bulky waste have rocketed.


Fly tipping

York Council to support students and charity during end of term rubbish clear out

As part of this year’s campaign for a tidy end to the academic year, City of York Council is working with British Heart Foundation (BHF) to back its fundraising, and support students to recycle and dispose of waste responsibly.

Student Waste

In this, the third year of the campaign, the council will be making extra collections of grey bins or bags – whichever are usually collected – on Saturday 27 June in The Groves, Hull Road and Fishergate areas. Students leaving their accommodation for the summer and residents will both feel the benefit and are being urged to make the most of this opportunity.

Besides putting out their waste, local people and students will be encouraged to donate to BHF items suitable for sale, at 10 permanent clothing banks at key drop off points located across the city and university campuses.

These will be collected by the charity and sold as part of its Fight For Every Heartbeat campaign.

Information leaflets and maps of BHF collection bin locations and BHF collection bags will shortly be distributed to households in the three areas.

Last year 1,899 bags were collected through BHF’s special collection bins. Each had an average weight of 8.2 kilos, yielding a total 15.6 tonnes of donations which, using BHF’s estimate that each bag has a £20 value, £37,980 was raised for the British Heart Foundation by York residents and students.