Green bin emptying restarting in York

Charges for extra bins also introduced

“Look out for your new sticker” say Council

Garden Waste bin stickers

Garden Waste bin stickers

City of York Council’s garden waste collections will start again from next week, with fortnightly green bin collections through ‘till the end of October.

The Council says, “From Monday 31 March, all eligible households will continue to have one garden waste bin emptied free of charge. To enable crews to identify these easily all households have been sent a new garden waste sticker to place on the lid of their bin.

Residents will be given a period of time to ensure the sticker is placed on their bin because from 5 May those bins which are not displaying the sticker will not be emptied.

In addition to this, any households who would like to have more than one garden waste bin collected between April and October 2014 still have time to subscribe to the additional green bin scheme before the collection service starts up again at the end of this month.

These households will receive a separate and unique ‘garden waste scheme sticker’ as part of signing up.

Residents can join the scheme at any time, but those who subscribe before the start of April will benefit from around 16 collections during the 2014 collection period – which equates to less than £2.50 per collection (£35 per year)”.

To join the scheme simply call 01904 551551 or ‘apply for it’ via our secure website at

To find out more about the new stickers or the garden waste subscription scheme visit

Residents are also able to take additional garden waste to Hazel Court and Towthorpe Household Waste Recycling Centres free of charge in a car. Residents using larger vehicles or trailers will need to apply for permits to use the site.

Home composting is also a great way to manage waste at home and provide nutrient rich compost for gardens. Visit for further information or to purchase a reduced price home compost bin to get started.

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