Big programme of highway resurfacing works announced for Dringhouses and Woodthorpe area

The York Council has announced which roads and footpaths will be resurfaced this year. The programme is the biggest for several years with, in total, £8,091,500 is due to be invested.

This represents an increase of 27% over the previous years budget

Around 100 individual roads are listed for resurfacing.

In the Dringhouses area, the programme includes £1/4 million for work on the following roads and footpaths

Bracken Road Carriageway Dringhouses £81,000
Middlethorpe Grove Carriageway Dringhouses £137,000
Little Hob Moor Cycle path Dringhouses £1,750
Acomb Wood Close Footpath Dringhouses £4,000
Alness Drive Footpath Dringhouses £27,000
Ashbourne Way Footpath Dringhouses £5,000
Deveron Way Footpath Dringhouses £14,000
North Lane Footpath Dringhouses £7,000
Old Moor Lane Footpath Dringhouses £7,120

The full list of streets which will receive attention can be viewed by clicking here

Road works on Moor Lane in Acomb Park from next Tuesday

Essential resurfacing set to take place across York

RoadworksWork is set to take place on:

  • ·Moor Lane from 25 October for two days with work taking place from 9.15am – 4pm. A temporary road closure from the junction of A1237 Ring Road to the junction of Cairnborrow will be necessary whilst works are taking place.
  • Huntington Road from 24 October for five days with work taking place from 9.15am-4pm. A temporary road closure from the junction of Link Road to the junction of Brockfields Road will be necessary whilst works are taking place.
  • · Campleshon Road from 24 October for one day with work taking place from 9.15am till 11pm. A temporary road closure will be in place during working hours. A signed diversion route will be in place for motorists during this time.
  • · Bad Bargain Lane from 25 October for two days with work taking place from 9.15am-5pm Monday to Friday. A temporary road closure from the junction of Burnholme Drive to the junction of Meadlands will be necessary whilst works are taking place.
  • · · Low Green, Copmanthorpe from 27 October for two days with work taking place from 8am – 5pm. A temporary road closure will be in place during working hours. Throughout the works the cycle lane/footpath between Merchant Way and Low Green will be open to vehicle traffic. This will be managed using two way lights and safety signs to ensure the safety of all road users.
  • · Fulfordgate on 27 October for one day with work taking place from 8am-5pm. A temporary road closure of Fulfordgate will be in place during working hours. Residents are advised there will be no access or egress for vehicles during working hours except in emergencies.

As with any construction work, there is likely to be a certain amount of disruption. Residents are assured that everything reasonably possible will be done to keep this to a minimum, however motorists should expect some delays and plan their journey accordingly.

The contractor carrying out the work will be responsible for safety and providing pedestrian access at all times.

Moor Lane closure for road resurfacing on 24 October

City of York Council will be carrying out carriageway maintenance works at Moor Lane commencing on Monday 24th October for a period of one day (weather permitting).

The site extents are as shown on the plan below. The works will be carried out between 9.15am and 4.00pm.

Moor Lane resurfacing area

Moor Lane resurfacing area

The works will consist of resurfacing sections of Moor Lane together with the renewal / adjustment of some carriageway ironwork and the reinstatement of all road markings.

In order to carry out these works safely the use of a temporary road closure from the junction of A1237 Ring Road to the junction with Cairnborrow will be necessary whilst works are taking place. A clearly signed diversion route will be set out for through traffic. Site staff will be on hand to advise and assist residents about the access restrictions once the works are ongoing.

Emergency services will be permitted through the works in any situation.

Chapmans Pond lease agreed

At a public decision session today (Friday 23 September) Cllr Nigel Ayre (Executive Member for Leisure & Culture) agreed to transfer the management of the Chapman’s Pond site to the Friends of Chapman’s Pond on a trial basis, to improve the long-term care of the site.

Chapmans Pond Summer Fair 2016

Chapmans Pond Summer Fair 2016

The paper that was discussed at the decision session is available here.

Chapman’s Pond is a 2.6 ha site off Moor Lane in Dringhouses. The pond itself covers roughly a third of the site with other habitats including woodland and meadow. It is currently managed by the Council with the assistance of the Friends of Chapman’s Pond.

The Friends are a long running group and have over the years carried out practical maintenance tasks and conservation enhancements. They have also assisted with fund raising, in particular for the circular path in 2011/12 and, for the last three years, in partnership with Love to Eat Café, a summer fair has taken place on site.

Local Lib Dem councillors support the lease arrangement. Cllr Ann Reid commented

“The reinvigorated Friends Group has really got to grips with the management of the pond and addressed some long standing issues. It has now become a very pleasant place to visit and spend time and looks well cared for.    This helps to discourage some of the anti social behaviour and vandalism that has happened in the past.
“Granting the lease will help the Group pursue its programme to improve the area and manage the fishing more effectively. Representatives of the Friends Group attend our Ward Team meetings, are part of the community and are very supportive of other community groups.”


Latest planning applications for Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward

 Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward. 

Full details can be found by clicking the application reference


34 The Square Dringhouses York YO24 1UR

Various tree works including the felling of 1no. Elm tree protected by Tree Preservation Order No.: CYC149

Ref. No: 16/01998/TPO 


92 Moor Lane Acomb York YO24 2QY

Single storey front and rear extensions and replacement detached garage to rear

Ref. No: 16/01961/FUL 


10 Middlethorpe Grove York YO24 1JR

Single storey side and rear extension

Ref. No: 16/01929/FUL 


2A Old Moor Lane York YO24 1QT

Fell Silver Birch tree protected by Tree Preservation Order No.: 38

Ref. No: 16/01955/TPO 


4 St James Croft York YO24 2QD

Roof extensions incorporating new gables to side and rear

Ref. No: 16/01880/FUL 


Representations can be made in favour of, or in objection to, any application via the Planning on line web site.

The Council now no longer routinely consults neighbours by letter when an application is received.

Have your say on Moor Lane green belt proposal

In our recent FOCUS newsletter we set out details of the draft Local Plan for York that the joint administration has developed.

We are pleased that the draft plan, if approved, would see land off Moor Lane given proper Green Belt protection. This is great news, after the previous Labour administration in York proposed initially that the land be built on, and then said that it should be ‘safeguarded’ for future development.

Moor Lane field

So whilst we may have won this battle, we haven’t yet won the war. The draft Local Plan is now out for consultation, and if residents want to see the land off Moor Lane given Green Belt protection, they need to make your views known by responding to the consultation.

We now know that developers are fighting the proposed designation of this land as Green Belt – Barwood Development Securities Ltd are promoting an alternative plan that would see a staggering 1,250 homes built all the way from the railway line to the ring road roundabout. You can read more about these worrying proposals on at

This new threat makes it even more important that residents respond to the consultation to express support for the council’s draft Local Plan.

The consultation runs until 12th September, and there are lots of ways to take part:

  • You can go to to view the Local Plan proposals and complete an online form
  • You can e-mail
  • You can write to Freepost RTEG-TYYU-KLTZ, Local Plan, City of York Council, West Offices, Station Rise, York YO1 6GA
  • A special copy of the council’s ’Our City’ newsletter will also be arriving on doormats shortly, summarising the consultation information and providing a freepost response form

There will also be a drop-in exhibition at Tesco Askham Bar on Wednesday 24th August from 3pm to 7.30pm.

This consultation is about the draft Local Plan that the council is proposing, not about the Barwood proposals. It is vital that as individuals, and as a community, we express our support for the plan to give land off Moor Lane proper Green Belt protection.

Moor Lane green belt plans challenged

The council recently set out its proposals for York’s Local Plan, which includes designating land off Moor Lane as green belt. Previous draft plans brought forward under the Labour administration had proposed building on this land, and then ‘safeguarding’ it for development.

At a meeting of the council’s Local Plan Working Group on 27th June, a speaker from HOW Planning put forward an alternative vision for the land off Moor Lane, which would see 1,250 houses built on the site.

A letter sent to members of the Local Plan Working Group by Northampton-based Barwood Development Securities Ltd is available here – Letter to LPWG members 270616, and their ‘vision document’ setting out their plans for the site, is available here – Moor Lane Vision Doc .

The document includes a map showing the extent of the land that Barwood propose to develop (copied below). The proposals cover a much larger area than was included in the previous draft plan as ‘safeguarded’ land.

Moor Lane site











Local councillor Ann Reid, who is a member of the Local Plan Working Group, said  “I do not support these proposals, and made that clear at last night’s meeting. Local residents who backed the campaign to protect the land off Moor Lane as green open space will be alarmed at what is being proposed here.”

“The consultation on the proposed Local Plan – which would see the land off Moor Lane protected from development – is likely to get underway in mid July. It is important that everyone who wants to see this area protected takes part in that consultation and makes their views known.”

Flytipping hits Moor Lane

Large quantities of what appear to be commercial (building) waste have been dumped on the lay by off Moor Lane (pictured below).

Local Lib Dem councillor Stephen Fenton has reported the flytipping, and has commented “Hopefully there will some clues found in the dumped material as to its origins, so that the culprit can be identified and prosecuted.”

Moor Lane dumping 1 Moor Lane dumping 2

Where next with flashing speed signs

The Council says it is reviewing the use of Vehicle Activated Signs.

These signs, which typically flash the prevailing speed limit to approaching vehicles, were introduced in York about 10 years ago.

Flashing speed signs  indicating those that are afulty

Flashing speed sign locations indicating those that are faulty

York locations where speed is a concern  Click to enlarge

York locations where speed is a concern Click to enlarge

They are now seen across the country with many now using a system which alerts drivers to their actual speed.

Sadly the Council has not maintained the signs in York and several have not been working for months.

Those that are faulty include the sign on Wetherby Road on the outbound carriageway. This was a problem location with the blind bend making it potentially hazardous for drivers reversing into their driveways.

A report to a meeting next week identifies £50,000 which will be used to repair the faulty signs. The signs have had some success as anyone, who watches vehicles approaching an illuminated sign, will see brake lights being applied by speeding drivers.

List of street where layout changes are proposed. Click to enlarge

List of street where layout changes are proposed. Click to enlarge

We think that a trial, where the actual speed of the vehicle is displayed, should be implemented  in the City.

There is also now a “smart” sign available which records the actual speed of passing vehicles (but not the identity) which would give traffic engineers valuable information about behaviours but without the need to set up special equipment.

Another  concern is the suggestion that the signs may only be installed “where an accident has been reported in the previous three years.”  

Whereas accident locations should get priority for signs and camera enforcement, we believe that sites where a proportion of vehicles exceed the 30 mph limit, would also justify maintenance of the signs.

The report proposes action to reduce speeding at 16 sites.  Most involve low cost lane marking changes. A complete list of detailed proposals for all locations can be viewed by clicking here

A list of sites to be reassessed – which includes Green Lane and Askham Lane – can be viewed by clicking here

There are three roads – including Moor Lane in Woodthorpe and two roads in Copmanthorpe – which have acknowledged speeding issues which have still to be addressed

Chapman’s pond fish deaths – Latest update

Chapmans Pond 2

The Enviroment Agency has issued the following statement

Fish deaths force Chapman’s Pond, Moor Lane, pond closure.

Chapmans Pond in York has been closed to anglers following reports of several fish deaths.

The mortalities, which have occurred over the last two or three weeks are thought to be predominantly carp.

The alarm was raised by The Friends of Chapmans Pond, who were concerned that the number of deaths had exceeded what might be normally expected for natural causes.

Environment Agency officers advised the precautionary closure of the pond while samples of the water are tested and live fish are taken to the Environment Agency’s fish health laboratory at Brampton and analysed. These tests will aim to establish whether there are water quality issues affecting the fish, or the likelihood of disease or parasites being the cause of mortalities.

Laura Hogg, fisheries and biodiversity officer at the Environment Agency said: “While we carry out our investigations it is important not to stress the remaining fish further, and that is why we have recommended the pond is closed to anglers at this time.

“Until the cause of the deaths is known we are advising anglers to remain vigilant, honour the closure notice and follow the three simple biosecurity steps of check, clean and dry as always to reduce the risk of spreading any potential diseases.”

Check check equipment and clothing including soles of footwear

Clean on leaving the watercourse all mud and dirt must be washed off boots and equipment. If possible with clean hot water and sterilise with disinfectant

Dry dry all kit for 48 hours prior to reuse, preferably in sunlight

If you see fish in distress, please call the Environment Agency’s incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.