New Hob Moor development plans submitted

Most of the metal railings and screen planting protecting the Our Lady’s development site will be retained under new proposals received by the Council.

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Yorkshire Housing have submitted revised proposals for the development of the Our Ladys site following the deferral of their application at the last planning committee meeting.

They can be viewed on the “Planning on Line” web site under reference 13/02892/FULM

The plans involve the retention of most of the perimeter railings although in one key section on the northern boundary (where security and landscape appearance are sensitive issues) they propose to remove them. The new fencing is described as being at “a lower level”

No justification for removing the railings from this section is included in the papers.

This raises the concern that the developers hope to move plant onto the site via Hob Moor itself. This could result in damage which would take decades to repair.

The existing, and supplemented, shrubs and trees along the boundary would be protected by a post and rail fence.

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The new proposals result in the loss of one housing unit meaning that 55 are now likely to be built on the site. This is still a lot more than the 29 units which were included in the draft Local Plan when it was published in April.

The appearance of the homes is little changed.

A small play ground aimed at young children, plus an area of Public Open Space, is now included towards the north west of the development.

There have been changes to the road layout

However no changes to the “sustainability” of the development are proposed.

The architect has written to the Council to say that “My client has carried out exhaustive viability appraisals on the site; however, the jump to Code level 4 on this development cannot be achieved.

As you are aware the site was purchased on the open market in competition with Private developers who would be delivering the minimum Affordable housing across the site at Code 3.

We are policy compliant at code 3 and offering a much improved level of affordable housing with the required 10% renewables”.

Have a higher “sustainability” rating would mean that the homes were cheaper to run.

Large number of objections to Our Lady’s school development plans

Derelict school site next to Hob Moor

Derelict school site next to Hob Moor

Revised layout drawings have been lodged with the Council for the 56 home development proposed for the school site on Windsor Garth.

A large number of objections to the development have been lodged including these from by the Friends of Hob Moor and the local Residents Association

The main objections expressed relate to the density of the development which would adversely impact on local public services.

Several residents have expressed concerns about drainage from the site which could damage the Hob Moor nature reserve.

Layout plan Nov 2013. Click to access

Layout plan Nov 2013. Click to access

The absence of any play facilities has been mentioned by many. (According to the Council children will be expected to walk to the facilities on Chesney’s Field – but that is on the other side of a busy road).

Layout plan Sept 2013 click to access

Layout plan Sept 2013 click to access

It has emerged that the developers want to remove the – perfectly serviceable – metal railings which surround the site and replace them with a wooden fence. Metal railings are much more durable and effective than wooden fences.

It looks like it will be a few more weeks before this application reaches the planning committee.