Additional waste collection days agreed

Residents are set to benefit from two additional garden waste collections this winter as well as improved recycling collections over Christmas, following approval at a public decision session today.

Households which receive garden waste collections across the city will benefit from two additional collections in November.

In addition to this, improvements will be made to recycling collections over Christmas to ensure that the maximum time residents will wait for their recycling collection is three weeks, instead of four weeks.

Green bin stickers required from Monday

City of York Council is reminding residents that all households must place their new garden waste sticker on the lid of their green bin by Monday 5 May to ensure continued collections.


Garden waste sticker

Garden waste collections started again at the end of March, with fortnightly green bin collections through ‘till the end of October.

The introduction of charging for emptying second and subsequent green bins was a controversial decision of the Labour Council announced last year.


Whilst it is a statutory duty for all councils to collect household waste, the separate collection of garden waste is a discretionary service. However, all eligible households in York continue to have one garden waste bin emptied at no additional charge.

To enable crews to identify which bins are ‘free’ and which have been paid for through the additional garden waste bin scheme (£35 annual charge) households were sent a new garden waste sticker to place on the lid of their bin last month.

Residents were given a period of time during April to ensure the sticker was placed on their bin. From 5 May any bins that are not displaying either a ‘free’ or ‘paid for’ sticker will not be emptied.

Households that receive a garden waste collection and would like to have more than one garden waste bin emptied can still subscribe to the additional green bin scheme.

Residents can join the scheme at any time and will benefit from around 16 collections – which equates to less than £2.50 per collection (£35 per year).

Households subscribed to the scheme will receive a separate and unique ‘garden waste scheme sticker’ as part of signing up which will expire one year from when the payment was made. The additional green bin scheme only operates during the usual garden waste season.

To join the scheme call 01904 551551 or ‘apply for it’ via our secure website at

To find out more about the new stickers or the garden waste subscription scheme visit

Residents are also able to take additional garden waste to Hazel Court and Towthorpe Household Waste Recycling Centres free of charge in a car. Residents using larger vehicles or trailers will need to apply for permits to use the site.

Home composting is also a great way to manage waste at home and provide nutrient rich compost for gardens. Visit further information or to purchase a reduced price home compost bin to get started.

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York Council waste collection changes –

The York Council is introducing new waste and green recycling collection timetables from next Monday (9th September).

Some households will receive recycling for the first time and others may have changes to what day of the week their rubbish, recycling or green waste is collected

About 10% of properties will see a change to their collections days.

The Council says that it has written to every affected household explaining the new collection days.

Given the past record of the York Council with communications, we are sceptical about whether everyone will have had, and understood, their communication.

A complete list of addresses (10639 of them) were sent out to ward Councillors as late as 2:00pm today Friday 6th September.

That is less than 1 working day before the new arrangements are due to be introduced.

The complete list of affected properties can be viewed by clicking here.

It is in alphabetical street order.

Alternatively, you should also be able to check out the day that your next collection is due by entering your postcode at this web location

The are few changes to arrangements in the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe area

The Council says, “It is important to continue to ensure that your rubbish, recycling and garden waste are presented before 7am on the day of collection”.