Speed camera on Tadcaster Road

North Yorkshire Police deployed a speed camera on Tadcaster Road on Saturday. The camera is connected to a speed monitoring system installed on a motorcycle – see picture below.

Technology used in the fight against speeding

Technology used in the fight against speeding

Also on Saturday there was a collision between a car travelling north along Tadcaster Road and a Royal Mail van that was turning onto Tadcaster Road from The Horseshoe. There were no indications that speed was a factor. Many residents have told us how concerned they are about getting onto Tadcaster Road at times when the traffic volumes are particularly heavy.

One junction has been improved following calls from local Lib Dem councillor Ashley Mason for action – the markings at the junction of Pulleyn Drive and Tadcaster Road have been re-painted.

Ashley's intervention has led to road markings being repainted

Ashley’s intervention has led to road markings being repainted

Call for action over ‘danger’ estate exit on Tadcaster Road

Revival cycle path exit

Revival cycle path exit

A number of residents have contacted us about the new emergency exit / entrance to the Revival estate, which is intended to provide emergency access to the estate via Masters Mews.

There is a secured gate to prevent ordinary vehicular access, but it can be used by pedestrians and cyclists.

We share residents’ concerns at the absence of markings to indicate to cyclists exiting the estate that they need to stop before pulling out onto Tadcaster Road via the footpath.

The current arrangement presents a hazard to cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

We have asked for markings to be put down similar to those used at the exit from York station car park onto Lowther Terrace, pictured below.

Station cycle path exit
Station cycle path exit

This shows how markings can be used to indicate to cyclists where they need to stop and check for oncoming pedestrians and motorists before joining the carriageway.


Road safety initiative

Road safety experts from City of York Council are joining fellow officers to raise the profile of road safety among children during Global Road Safety Week (GRSW) between 4-10 May.

Road safety kiss ground

Parents, teachers and other interested parties are being invited to submit questions for a series of online forums covering child road safety issues, which will be held on the Road Safety GB website during the weeklong event.

The four forums are free of charge and cover children as pedestrians, as cyclists, travelling in cars, and how to set up and run a Junior Road Safety Officer scheme, and will be held daily on Tuesday 5 to Friday 8 May inclusive, between 12 – 1pm.

Trish Hirst and Lynne Thomas, both road safety officers from City of York Council, will be joining the London Borough of Hackney Council for the first forum on Tuesday 5 May to discuss ‘children and cycling’.

Questions can be submitted in advance or during the forum itself, and the panel of road safety expert facilitators will answer in ‘real time’ during the forum.

Trish Hirst, Road Safety Manager at City of York Council, said: “York is one of the top cycling cities in the UK, so we are proud to take part in this national forum to offer advice on children cycling. In recent years we’ve seen a huge increase in young people cycling, which is fantastic, but it’s also just as important that we provide practical information and advice too. We hope this forum will help many people and we encourage everyone to tune in!”

Road safety professionals and other stakeholders are being encouraged to alert schools and other groups in their local areas, in order to give teachers, parents and others the opportunity to participate in the forums.

The forums are part of a comprehensive suite of initiatives here in the UK in support of GRSW 2015. Other initiatives include:

  • A series of child road safety resources – including activity sheets, maps and country profilers – which are available free to download.
  • A series of simple ‘how to’ guides to help educators and others teach basic road safety to children. The guides cover children as pedestrians, cyclists, travelling in cars and on public transport, and setting up a Junior Road Safety Officer scheme.
  • A database of road safety professionals with expertise with regard to child road safety, who are willing to provide advice and support to people in other parts of the world.

Find out more about road safety in York by visiting www.itravelyork.info .

The full online forum programme is as follows:

  • Tuesday 5 May – Children and cycling (featuring City of York Council officers)
  • Wednesday 6 May – Setting up and running a Junior Road Safety Officer scheme
  • Thursday 7 May – In-car safety for children
  • Friday 8 May – Children as pedestrians

Find out more at: www.roadsafetygb.org.uk/pages/roadsafetyweek/rsw-forums.html

Bad day for accidents on York roads

Serious collision at Fulford Road, York, woman dies in crash at Bishopthorpe

Emergency services are at the scene of a collision at Fulford Road, York, involving a car and a pedal cycle.


The cyclist, a woman in her 20s, has received serious injuries.

The road was closed for a short time but has now reopened.


Earlier a woman died in a village near York.

Officers were called at 11am to Drummond View, Bishopthorpe, where a car had crashed into a lamp post.

The driver, a woman, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say they are not yet in a position to name her.

Witnesses are asked to come forward by ringing police on 101, asking for the Force Control Room and quoting reference NYP-17022015-0117.

Free cycle lights scheme launched in York

cycle lightsNorth Yorkshire Police and City of York Council have joined forces to help keep cyclists safe this winter.

During the dark nights, North Yorkshire Police’s Cycle Response Team are handing out free LED cycle lights to people who they stop riding without them while out on patrol.

Officers are giving the lights, which have been supplied by City Of York Council’s Road Safety Team, to people cycling alone to help keep them safe.

Not everyone officers stop will be entitled to the cycle lights. They will be given to youngsters or other vulnerable people who would otherwise have to walk home if they were forced to continue their journey without lights.

Officers are also giving out reflective back pack covers.

20 mph speed limits signs being put up?

The Councils £600,000 scheme to put up 20 mph speed limit signs across west York will apparently start this weekend.

20 mph

Had the signs gone up before mischief night we doubt many would have survived for long!

The scheme is being g introduced in the face of fierce opposition from the majority of residents.

In the Acomb, Westfield and Woodthorpe areas surveys showed 80% opposed the plan with costs and the ineffectiveness of putting signs, on streets where average speeds are already below 20 mph, being cited as the main concerns.

The Council are desperately trying to convert public opinion by selectively quoting the Police and “local head teachers” as supporting the change. Both the Police and “head teachers” also have responsibilities to taxpayers.

Ironically all the schools in west York already have a 20 mph speed limit outside their entrances – and have had for many years.

speed and accident record of streets in west York click to download

speed and accident record of streets in west York click to download

They might also look at the statistical data – suppressed by the Council during their consultation period – which can be downloaded here.

It revealed that most roads, that will get new 20 mph limits, have had no recorded accidents at all.

The bulk of accidents, in the York area, occur on the main arterial and trunk roads (which will continue with their current speed limits).

A couple of months ago the Council admitted that in other City’s (Portsmouth and Bristol) the number of accidents taking place in wide 20 mph limit area, had actually increased since the speed limits were reduced.

Even the hitherto responsible Benendon Healthcare organisation (where a Labour Councillor is in charge of public relations) appears to have been been taken in by the propaganda with their Chief Executive quoted as saying that it will improve safety.

Not for those living in Bristol and Portsmouth it didn’t.

The Council’s response is to use taxpayers money to pay for a video which is probably the most patronising piece of propaganda that you will see.

Numbers killed and seriously injured in York click to access source data

Numbers killed and seriously injured in York click to access source data

The last set of accident statistics for York roads, up to the end of 2012, have recently been published.

They reveal that those killed and seriously injured on our roads have fallen to an all time low.

This is the result of targeted accident reduction work the funding for which is being cut to pay for the 20 mph signs.

The figures for 2013 will be the last where most of the year reflected this priority. The 2014 figures should be published just a few days before the next local elections taken place (May 2015)

We hope that York residents’ will continue to drive at a safe speed taking into account all road conditions.