Number 4 bus service diversion route announced

First have announced the diversion route for the number 4 bus from Monday 9th to Sunday 20th September, when St Helens Road will be closed due to work being done by Northern Powergrid.

Heading towards the city centre, the number 4 will miss out Eason View, Thanet Road and St Helens Road. It will instead carry on along Chaloners Road before turning left onto Moor Lane and then left at the Askham Bar roundabout onto Tadcaster Road.

St Helens Road to be closed for electrical works

Notices and signs have gone up on St Helens Road announcing the closure of the road for 11 days from Monday 9 September.

A diversion route is referred to, but no more detailed information has been provided.

Local councillors received an e-mail from Northern Powergrid on 19 August which stated:

“We are investing £80,000 to reinforce our network along part of Tadcaster Road, St Helen’s Road and Eason View.  As is generally the case with works of this nature, there will be a degree of disruption, but we are working closely with the Highways department at City of York Council to minimise the impact of our work as much as we are able.

We will be activating a thorough programme of communications to keep our local stakeholders and the local community informed of what we are doing and why. As well as sharing information with MP Rachael Maskell and yourselves, we are also issuing information leaflets/customer letters and running a PR and social media campaign so that everyone is aware of exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it and how they it may impact them.”

Local councillors have heard nothing from Northern Powergrid since 19 August, and so we have asked them to provide more information that can be shared with residents and on social media.

Housebuilder challenges Mayfield Grove access planning condition

In March 2018, despite strong local opposition, permission was granted for 11 homes to be built on the thin strip of land between Mayfield Grove and St Helens Road. Approval was granted subject to a number of conditions being met. This included getting approval for the types of boundary fencing to be installed, and adhering to a condition that the narrow track onto the site from Mayfield Grove is not used for vehicular traffic.

In recent weeks the developers, Arncliffe Homes, have submitted applications to the council to explain how they propose to implement these conditions. The first batch of applications can be viewed on the council website HERE

The applications for conditions 4 and 9 describe the type of boundary fencing being proposed (condition 4) and tree protection arrangements (condition 9). Any residents who wish to comment on any of these applications can do so by going to the above link and clicking on ‘comments.’ Alternatively, comments can be submitted by e-mail to (quote ref 15/02726/FULM).

In the second batch of applications, Arncliffe Homes are challenging condition 27. This condition states:

“The existing access between the site and Mayfield Grove shall not be used by vehicular traffic…. the approved bollards shall be erected prior to the commencement of development….in the interests of highway safety and residential amenity as the access is considered to be substandard in terms of its width and junction design for use by vehicular traffic.”

By way of justification, Arncliffe Homes say:

“It will not be feasible to carry out this work prior to commencement of demolition and construction as suggested in condition 27. Access for machinery is required during construction to enable foul and surface water connections into the site, from Mayfield Grove. We will ensure the bollards are installed prior to first occupation on the development. During construction the strip of land will be blocked off at both ends by Harris-style fencing and “No Vehicle Access” signs will be fitted to the fencing.”

Traffic and parking is already problematic on Mayfield Grove, and so the proposal by Arncliffe Homes to use the narrow track for machinery access is unlikely to help matters.

Residents who wish to view and comment on the proposal that condition 27 be overturned can do so by visiting the council website HERE and clicking on ‘comments’. Alternatively, comments can be submitted by e-mail to (quote ref 15/02726/FULM).

Date set for start of traffic signals work on Tadcaster Road

The Council is due to commence work to refurbish the traffic signal junction of Tadcaster Road and St Helens Road as part of the Traffic Signal Asset Renewal Programme.









The work will consist of:

  • Full renewal of the traffic signal equipment and ducting networks – this will include changes to pedestrian crossing equipment to facilitate Puffin style near side red /green man displays.
  • Conversion of the staggered pedestrian crossing on the south to a straight across crossing.
  • A new pedestrian crossing is to be provided on the northern arm

Works will start on Monday 30th April for the main civils / groundworks with all work expected to be fully completed by Friday 8th June 2018.

The hours of working will be 7:30am – 5:30pm, Monday – Friday and 9:00am – 3:00pm Saturdays. In order to safely install the duct crossings over the carriageway some evening works will be required. Works will be suspended between Wednesday 16th May and Friday 18th May and on Saturday 26th May due to York Race meetings.

Three-way traffic management will be in place at the junction during the works and motorists are expected to experience severe delays while the works are underway. Controlled pedestrian crossings will be provided during construction to allow pedestrians to cross the road safely. There may be some temporary footway closures in place, however full access will be retained to all businesses properties during these works.

The southbound bus stop on Tadcaster Road will be temporarily relocated during the works. It is not anticipated that there will be any diversions or suspensions to bus stops and services during the works. For more information on please visit

Latest plans unveiled for St Helens Road / Tadcaster Road crossing improvements

Council officers have unveiled the latest draft of proposals to improve pedestrian crossing facilities at the St Helens Road / Tadcaster Road junction.


The scheme was approved by the council’s Executive in June 2017, and is part of the five-year replacement programme to renew traffic signal assets within the city (the TSAR programme)

The changes proposed look to improve pedestrian facilities, bringing them in line with current guidance, while having only minor impacts to vehicle delay. The main changes proposed at this junction are as follows:

  • A new pedestrian crossing on the northern side of the junction (outside the Cross Keys pub)
  • The existing staggered pedestrian island over Tadcaster Road is removed from the southern arm and a straight across pedestrian facility is provided
  • The island in the southern arm has been removed to allow the stop lines to be brought forward to improve driver to pedestrian visibility at the junction
  • Guard rail to be reviewed and if possible rationalised
  • Full refurbishment of the traffic signal equipment and ducting network.  This will include changes to pedestrian crossing equipment to facilitate Puffin style near side red / green man displays
  • Implementation of MOVA (Micro-processor Optimised Vehicle Actuation) control strategy at the junction to reduce delays
  • Associated road marking changes to facilitate the above

Local Lib Dem councillors are inviting residents to let them have any comments on the proposed scheme, so that these can be fed back to officers. Please send any comments to Cllr Stephen Fenton at

St Helens Road planning application approved

At a meeting on 11 January, members of the council’s Area Planning Sub Committee approved plans to demolish 27 St Helens Road and extend the Abbeyfield House care home on Regency Mews to include 17 extra care flats and 8 dementia care flats.

Councillor Stephen Fenton joined  local residents at the meeting to ask the committee to refuse the application. Stephen focused his remarks on the impact that the development would have on the Wendy House Day Nursery, which has served local families for over 27 years.

Despite the concerns raised by the speakers, the committee voted unanimously to accept the officer recommendation that the application be approved.

A webcast of the meeting can be viewed at

St Helens Road development recommended for approval

The proposal to extend the Abbeyfield House care home to include specialist 17 extra care flats and 8 dementia care units is being recommended for approval. The proposal involves the demolition of 27 St Helen’s Road.

Officials are set to shun the objections made by 57 residents, the ward planning panel and local Ward Councillors. The objectors raise a wide range of issues including inadequate parking provision, overlooking, drainage, scale, massing, impact on the nearby children’s nursery and loss of open space.

Residents can attend the planning meeting which will discuss the plans. It takes place on Thursday 11th January starting at 4:30pm

Details of the officers report can be read by clicking here


St Helens Road pedestrian crossing beacon to be upgraded

St Helen’s Road among those to be upgraded.

The Council is to upgrade the Belisha Beacons at 14 pedestrian crossing sites in York

New beacon design

A report says,

“There are 43 zebra crossings across the city and outlying villages. A
zebra crossing is required by law to have a black and white striped pole
with a flashing yellow globe on each side of the crossing. If there is an
island in the middle, additional beacons may be provided as considered
appropriate. For years this equipment remained fairly standard, but in
the last decade new products have come onto the market using high
intensity light emitting diodes (LEDs) to enhance the conspicuity of
the globe.
In recent years 9 zebra crossings have been upgraded to high
conspicuity units as part of road safety schemes. Feedback on these
has been very positive. The remaining 34 crossings have equipment of
variable age and condition”.
The new design id promised to eb more visible with diodes lastingt longer than older type.

The work is expected to be completed before the end of January.

St Helens Road grass banks cut

Following intervention by Cllr Stephen Fenton, the council has cut back the grass on the banks on St Helens Road either side of the railway bridge.

Complaints about the state of the area had been raised by the Dringhouses Sports & Social Club, and the overgrown vegetation was starting to encroach onto the footpath.

Grass bank leading down to the cricket pitch

Approach to the bridge from Thanet Road