Permission sought to undertake work on protected woodland

Planning applications have been submitted to the council for trees to be felled, new trees planted and flytipping to be cleared in an area of privately-owned woodland in Dringhouses.

The existence of a Tree Protection Order on the land off Nelsons Lane means that works cannot be undertaken without permission having been granted.

The woodland is circled red on the map

The applicant’s stated aims for the proposed work are to:

  1. Maintain an attractive, safe and tidy appearance to Breary Close and adjacent footpath
  2. Remove invasive Sycamore species within the front of the property
  3. Remove areas of fly tipping accumulated within the woodland over the years
  4. Create a defined boundary to the woodland
  5. Re-establish natural boundaries to the area to the north and east
  6. Remove overshadowing and overbearing self-sown Sycamore trees to the east adjacent to St Helens Rehabilitation Hospital
  7. Create increase the quantum of quality native woodland cover within the area and provide a greater diversity of species.

Details of the planning applications can be found on the council website HERE and HERE.

The woodland was put up for sale in 2015 – see further information HERE

Trees planted around Dringhouses & Woodthorpe

Thanks to funding from the Ward Committee budget, trees have been planted around the area. Some replace trees that have been felled and others are new.

Hunters Way

Moor Lane

Tadcaster Road

Silverdale Court

We are hopeful of being able to plant more trees provided that issues relating to utilities beneath verges can be resolved.

New trees take root in Dringhouses

Local Lib Dem councillors have supported the planting of new trees with £1,000 of ward committee funding.

New trees have been planted on Tadcaster Road, The Horseshoe, Southfield Crescent, Chaloners Road and in Chaloners Road park.

In all cases the trees have been planted near to where trees have fallen or been felled.

Tadcaster Road

The Horseshoe

Southfield Crescent

Chaloners Road

Chaloners Road park

Action on Acomb Wood Drive street lights

Stephen has secured action to cut back trees that are obscuring street lights on Acomb Wood Drive.

Some trees have been cut back to allow light through

Some trees have been cut back to allow light through

But some lamps remain entirely obscured by branches

But some lamps remain entirely obscured by branches

Two trees have already been cut back, but others are the responsibility of the Woodland Trust. They Trust have said that they will instruct their estate contractor to trim back the branches in early September.

We will monitor the situation to make sure that this happens.