Weed spraying gets underway

Due to very good recent growing conditions, council officers have decided to bring forward by one week the second application of herbicide to control weeds along kerb lines, footpaths and back lanes. So the spraying started on Monday 3rd July, rather than 10th July as had been planned.

Over the coming weeks we will monitor the impact of the spraying and highlight any areas that may have been missed.

“Day of the Triffids” – York Council fights back


The Council is to re-examine its contracts which cover spraying weeds on public highways.

The move, announced at the last Council meeting, comes in the wake of unprecedented levels of complaints about weed infested streets particularly in the west of the City.

At one point, even prominent City centre structures like Ouse Bridge were under attack.

Ouse Bridge 7th August 2014

Ouse Bridge 7th August 2014

It now appears that several streets – scheduled to be treated in a second wave of spraying – were missed.

During early October the Councils contractors walked the whole of the City spraying areas that needed attention.

They are also spraying round street furniture, poles etc.

The last Council meeting was told that the authority is considering letting a new spraying contract next year in conjunction with neighbouring authorities.

The Cabinet member was unable to explain why supervisory checks had not revealed – and remedied –the problem this summer.

Ouse Bridge weeds in rude good health

Ouse bridge weeds 25th September 2014

Ouse bridge weeds 25th September 2014

Almost 4 months after the weed growth on Ouse Bridge was first reported to the Council they continue to thrive.

The Council agreed in the summer to ensure that they were treated with weed killer but – if the process ever took place – it has proved to be ineffective.

Great shame as the bridge is well used by both residents and tourists and the undergrowth is a poor advert for the City centre.

Hopefully the Council will act before the structural integrity of the bridge is compromised.

We now understand that they are to try to pull the weeds by hand


Neglect of York’s bridges continues

Ouse Bridge 7th August 2014

Ouse Bridge 7th August 2014

A couple of months ago we reported that public service standards in the City had declined.

Ouse Bridge York June 2014

Ouse Bridge York June 2014

One particular problem was weed growth – with Ouse Bridge badly affected.

The weeds were not only a potential threat to the integrity of the bridge but were an eyesore in a particularly sensitive area.

So it is disappointing to find that two months later no action has been taken to address the issue.

Weeds taking over York City centre

Ouse Bridge York June 2014

Ouse Bridge York June 2014

The Labour Leadership of the York Council has come under attack from visitors and residents alike for neglecting the appearance of the City.

In the City centre, tourists have pointed to Ouse Bridge where weeds are now overgrowing the parapet.

The bridge stonework has deteriorated while failure to control algae and moss growth could lead to major repair costs in a few months time.

No historical evidence of horticulture on Ouse Bridge

No historical evidence of horticulture on Ouse Bridge

The bridge is one of the most used by pedestrians in the City with many visitors photographing the river and banks from it.

Nor is the situation better in the sub-urban areas with some side streets in Acomb covered in foot high weeds.

The Council revealed recently in a response to a Freedom of Information enquiry that it gives a contractor £70,000 a year to control weed growth on local highways and footpaths

The York Council is employing contractors to treat weed growth on highways in the City.

The cost of the contract is around £70,000 a year


Weeds in Beaconsfield Street in Acomb June 2014

Weeds in Beaconsfield Street in Acomb June 2014