Woodlands playground out of action

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust has locked the playground on the Woodland estate, off Bellhouse Way / Sherringham Drive. The park was closed after the slide had recently been vandalised and graffiti had been sprayed on the benches.

Gates locked











It is very disappointing that the mindless actions of a minority spoils things for everyone else.

Woodlands walkabout

Woodlands estate

Woodlands estate

Cllr Stephen Fenton (Dringhouses & Woodthorpe) and Cllr Sheena Jackson (Westfield) met with a Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust officer last week for a walkabout on the Woodlands estate, which straddles the two wards.

Defective bins

Defective bins

Stephen and Sheena were keen to raise issues of concerns to residents, including:

• Broken salt bins

• Overgrown signs

• Areas in need of a deep sweep

Overgorwn signs

Overgrown signs

Stephen commented:

“It was good to be able to spend some time with a JRHT officer to discuss issues of concern, and we were pleased to learn that monthly estate walkabouts are now planned.

As ward councillors, we want to work with JRHT to make the area a clean and safe place for people to live.”

SImporved sweeping needed

Improved sweeping needed

Woodlands play area almost ready for re-opening

Woodlands playground refurbished

Woodlands playground refurbished

Hedges next to cycle path being trimmed back

Hedges next to cycle path being trimmed back

Workers were today putting the finishing touches to the refurbished Woodlands play area on Teal Drive/Bellhouse Way.

Hedges area being cut and all the safety surfaces have been renewed.

Children are likely to attend an “opening” later in the week.

Full marks to Rowntrees for talking to local residents about the future of the playground which had been locked closed for over 12 months.


NB. Part of the overgrown hedge blocking the cycle path has also now been cut back.


Woodlands play area may reopen this week

Rowntrees promise early action

Rowntrees play area

87% of residents saythat they would like to see the Woodlands play area off Bellhouse Way reopened at least during day light hours at weekends.

The equipment has been unavailable for several months now because of health and safety fears.

However many residents have pointed out that young children trying to climb the 2 metre high railings, which surround the play area, are probably at greater risk

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust has now responded to the local Residents Association promising that – following some minor works – the area will be reopened within a couple of weeks.

Elsewhere in the Woodlands estate, survey respondents were critical of the mowing arrangements for verges. They had been left uncut for so long that, after cutting, the area resembled a hayfield.

A site meeting to discuss the problem has taken place.

The Trust also plan to do some maintenance work on their shrub beds.

Woodlands playground future questioned

Foxwood Residents Association are seeking answers as to why a playground in the area has been locked and unused for over three years.Rowntrees play area

The playground, with new equipment, is on the Woodlands Estate which is managed by Joseph Rowntree Housing.

Local residents have approached the Association to seek their support in getting answers and most importantly getting the play area used again.

Shirley Gumley, Chairman of the Foxwood Residents Association, said

” It is a great pity that this play area has been locked for so long. There are lots of young children in the area who would appreciate a secure place to play and residents are feeling frustrated at the lack of communication from Joseph Rowntree on this issue.

If there is a reason why the area cannot be used then tell us rather than leaving everyone guessing

A door to door survey on the issue is currently being undertaken in the area.