Further fall in number of York jobseekers and residents claiming benefits

National statistics released today have revealed the number of residents claiming Job Seekers Allowance and benefits in York has again fallen.

Figures released today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shown the number of York residents claiming Job Seekers Allowance has again fallen. The number of claimants in York has fallen by 51.3 percent in the last year. There are now 941 claimants in York, a fall of 107 from last month and of 1,931 from April 2014.

The claimant count represents 0.7 percent of the working population and contrasts to the regional average which stands at 2.6 percent. The figures are also much lower than the national average which stands at 1.9 percent.

The figures also showed that the number of young people claiming Job Seekers Allowance has fallen by 60.8 percent in the last year. In April 2014 the total number of claimants aged 18-24 stood at 370 and has reduced by 225 in the past twelve months to 145.

Figures have also been released today by the Department for Work and Pensions showing that the number of residents claiming benefits has also fallen. The statistics show the number of claimants in York as of November 2014 is 9,840, a fall of 160 since August 2014.

The claimant count represents 7.3 per cent of the working population in York, which is lower compared to both the regional average (13.9 per cent) and the national average (12.5 per cent).

Boost for young unemployed in York

Nicjk Clegg and young person

The drive to help young people get jobs in York will be boosted by plans to abolish employers’ National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for under 21-years-olds, York’s Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr Keith Aspden said today.

The news means businesses will no longer have to pay tax on their employees aged under 21-years-old. For example, companies will save £1,000 each year for every young employee earning £16,000.

In York the plan to abolish NICs for young people from April 2015 means companies will not have to pay the contributions for 5,750 young people.