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Please let us know of any local issues that you would like to see raised with the council. The more details you can provide, the better!

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12 thoughts on “Get involved

  1. Tim says:

    I’m working on a new show for the History Channel about craftsmanship and the Master and Apprentice relationship. We’ve been searching for some fantastic old pictures and stumbled upon some pictures from your article; Apprenticeships – York Near Top of Apprenticeship Table.

    We would love to license this picture for the show if you could tell us where we can do so. Your help would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  2. Anne Carter says:

    I just wanted to highlight the problem of the grass verges in Trent way, other areas are bad too.
    The gas works going on in the area are not helping the situation but our street is particularly bad.
    The verges have always caused a problem especially in wet weather. They are absolutely disgusting! If there is a car parked in the street the large delivery lorry’s that drive throught the at every day to the shops have to go up on to the already damaged verges. Is there a permanent solution to this problem. I’ve always thought and suggested it in the past to make one side of the street a layby/parking bay. This would help the situation.
    Anne Carter.

    • stephenfenton says:

      Hi Anne. Yes, the verges on both Trent Way and Wharfe Drive (and the lower end of Wains Road) take a hammering from vehicles driving over them and/or parking on them. We can certainly look into the possibility of creating parking bays, but when we have tried this elsewhere (eg on Highmoor Road outside the flats) we were stymied by the fact that there are utilities buried beneath the verges.

  3. Maureen Birbeck says:

    Wondering if there are plans to re-surface or patch the pot holes on Moorcroft Road. There are quite a number but a particularly bad pot hole on the junction with Bramble Dene near to the Doctors. Many thanks

  4. Not a lot of point trying to Back York staying as a Unitary Council and not being swallowed up by merging with a huge new council from Doncaster to Redcar. Website name to vote on is not known. (

  5. Deborah Carr says:

    I have been asking York Council for years if they could provide additional lighting in the snicket / tarmac pathway between Alness Drive and Acomb Wood drive which goes through part of Acomb Wood (near Devron Close).

    No matter what time of year I write to them the response is ‘we’ve just used up all our budget for this year’.

    Ii is so dark and feels so unsafe as I can’t see anyone on the sides of the Wood or faces of people as they approach you.

    It would help if a couple of the proposed lights could point outwards into the wood so individuals can see who is in there giving individuals a choice not to walk through if they also feel unsafe.

    Please will you ask the council to look into this because at this time of year or when winter approaches I have to make a detour using the road to get round it.

    If not please will you give me advice about who I should approach at the council as no one seems to listen after 13 years of trying?

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    • stephenfenton says:

      Hi. I’m pleased to say that ward funding has been allocated to fund the installation of an additional streetlight on the snicket, near to where it meets Acomb Wood Drive. We are now just waiting for the council’s streetlighting team to organise the installation.

  6. R Tennant says:

    Hi, whilst i appreciate that it has been a tough time for retail, I believe that the amount of space that “ Phill ya boots “ cafe at the Woodthorpe shops is taking up outside is causing a problem meaning that it is now impossible to maintain the 2 meter safe distance for pedestrians and restricting the access for wheelchair and pushchair user’s.
    Would it be possible to use both sides of the flower beds or could they spread out sideways.

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