Drainage improvement works underway on Tadcaster Road

Following complaints raised by local Lib Dem councillors, works are underway on Tadcaster Road to improve surface water drainage outside the shops near the junction with Slingsby Grove.

The problem

The solution (hopefully!)

The parking bay next to the bus stop build-out is regularly flooded and the drainage channel clogged up with leaf mulch. It is hoped that new drainage arrangements will improve the situation and make it less likely that motorists will choose to park in the adjacent ‘Loading Only’ layby, which causes line of sight issues for residents exiting Slingsby Grove.

Tree roots thought to be cause of Tadcaster Road drain problems

A number of blocked drains on Tadcaster Road are thought to have been caused by tree roots.

Cllr Stephen Fenton recently reported three blocked drains near to the entrance to Little Hob Moor. Investigations by council officers have indicated that a likely cause of the blockage is tree roots in a Yorkshire Water sewer.

We’ll be pressing for action that will enable the drains to be unblocked  as soon as possible.

Cllr Stephen Fenton raises Woodthorpe drainage issues

On the 4th December, Cllr Stephen Fenton spoke at a council meeting to highlight local concerns regarding the risk of flooding from overflowing drainage ditches.

On Boxing Day in 2015, homes on Coeside and Nevis Way in Woodthorpe narrowly avoided being inundated with water, gushing from an overflowing ditch at the back of the properties – pictured below.

Since then, work has been carried out to clear drainage ditches downstream and it is hoped this will result in quicker and more effective drainage of the ditch behind the houses.

Stephen spoke at a Decision Session for the Council’s Executive Member for the Environment on 4 December, at which a Gulley Management Strategy Review was discussed. He circulated photographs taken in September (see below) which show the ditch choked by vegetation, raising concerns that when it dies back, it will settle on the floor of the ditch and reduce capacity.


















Stephen said  “I want to highlight the importance of drainage ditches in the ward and I am keen to ensure that their maintenance is not overlooked as the council decides how to prioritise the resources that it has available.

“I am grateful to Council staff for the investment already made in clearing out the drainage channels downstream from the ditch that overflowed in 2015. I am also pleased that we were able to dedicate some Ward Committee funds to help pay for some digging out of the ditch to be done.”



Action on drainage in Woodthorpe

The council is taking action to address drainage issues in Woodthorpe.

Work is underway to unblock a drainage channel that runs from Acomb Wood Drive to Alness Drive and beyond.

The channel had been affected by tree roots, which have been removed. Work is also being undertaken to dig out the channel, in order to increase capacity and reduce the flood risk to nearby properties.

Alness Drive, looking down the woodland path towards Acomb Wood Drive

Alness Drive, looking down the woodland path towards Acomb Wood Drive

York Flooding victims top get £500 cash payment

York residents to receive £500 to support clean-up process as part of financial support package for residents and businesses

Swan at window

York residents whose homes have been internally flooded will receive a one-off payment of £500 from City of York Council later this week to help support the clean-up process.Residents who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit and have been identified as having their homes being flooded* will receive the funding directly in their bank account.

Those paying by other methods will need to collect their payment by bringing photographic ID (e.g. a passport or driving licence) and a proof of address (e.g. utility bill) to the council’s Customer Contact Centre at West Offices on Station Rise. If someone is collecting payment on behalf of a resident, they will need to bring proof of ID and address for themselves, as well as the same ID for the flooded resident.

Residents whose homes have been flooded internally will also be entitled to a Council Tax exemption from 27 December 2015-31 March 2016 inclusive. Residents of all internally flooded properties will automatically receive an updated bill over the next few days.

Anyone who hasn’t received their amended Council Tax bill by 15 January should email council.tax@york.gov.uk or phone 01904 551558.

Refunds will be issued over the next few days to Council Tax payers who are in credit after the flood exemption has been awarded.

There are also a number of other financial support options for residents affected by flooding:

·  The York Financial Assistance Scheme (YFAS) provides help for residents in financial difficulty to continue to live in the local community. More information about the Scheme is available at www.york.gov.uk/yfas email yfas@york.gov.uk or phone 0808 1685238 (during normal office hours 8.30am to 5.30pm).

· York residents whose homes have been flooded, who are on a low income, have little capital and who are not adequately insured, may be eligible for help from York’s Disaster Fund, a registered charity which was established after flooding in York in 2000. Applications for this will be managed by the council for all customers, including those who do not qualify for YFAS. For more information about how to apply please email yfas@york.gov.uk or phone 0808 1685238.

£240,000 has so far been donated towards the £250,000 target for the York Flood Appeal. Click to donate

£240,000 has so far been donated towards the £250,000 target for the York Flood Appeal. Click to donate

· Up to £5,000 Future Flood Prevention Funding is available for property owners and those who are responsible for maintaining the fabric of a property that has been flooded. This is to improve the property in order to prevent future flood damage. To apply for this please contact the council tax team on council.tax@york.gov.uk or phone 01904 551558.

Businesses which have been affected by the floods are currently being visited by City of York Council representatives.

· Up to £2,500 is available for businesses affected by the floods through the Flood Recovery Fundfor businesses.

Businesses can email business@makeityork.com or phone 01904 554455 to make a claim.

· Businesses which have been flooded will need to apply for an exemption to their Business Rates. Please contact the business rates team at business.rates@york.gov.uk or phone 01904 551140.

· Up to £5,000 in Future Flood Prevention Funds (Commercial)is available for commercial property owners and those who are responsible for maintaining the fabric of a property that has been flooded. This is to improve the property in order to prevent future flood damage. To apply for this please email business@makeityork.com or phone 01904 554455.

Steve Stewart, Chief Executive of City of York Council, said: “We hope that these one-off payments will help York residents and businesses whose homes and properties were flooded to get back on their feet. However, we would still advise people who are covered by insurance to liaise directly with their insurance companies and ensure they employ reputable trades people to undertake work on their property.”

The government has also agreed to match-fund any York flood-related donations made to registered charities, such as the York Flood Appeal. More information about how to donate to the Appeal is available at www.trcf.org.uk/

Floods update: How to make a financial donation to aid relief work

Money pouring in to Flood Appeal. Total tops £141,000 by 2:00pm

York Flood Appeal

Businesses or individuals who wish to donate to the appeal should contact Jan Garrill, of Two Ridings Community Foundation or go online at http://www.trcf.org.uk/

Click here to make on “on line” donation

Nestle, one of York’s largest employers, has today (Thursday 31 December) donated £100,000 to the York Flood Appeal – taking the fund to £137,000 in just 48 hours.

The appeal, which was only launched on Tuesday, will help York residents affected by the flooding to get back on their feet.  Funds will provide essential household items, such as carpets and washing machines, and the costs of living in temporary accommodation or paying for extra heating.

Dame Fiona Kendrick, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé UK and Ireland said: “As one of York’s biggest employers it has been very concerning to see the effect of these floods on the local community. We want to join those who have rallied round to support the relief effort, including many of our employees, and we have already been able to provide food, drink and other supplies. We now hope this £100k donation will help the York Flood Appeal provide vital support to those in need at such a difficult time.”

The York Disaster Fund – a local charity established in 2000 in response to the floods that year – set up the York Flood Appeal. The Two Ridings Community Foundation, the local community foundation for York, North & East Yorkshire is hosting the appeal on behalf of the charity.

Steve Stewart, Chief Executive of City of York Council, said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response from both businesses and members of the public who have offered their time, donations and financial assistance to give relief to the people directly affected and the communities around them. We thank Nestle for this generous donation, which will undoubtedly go a long way to helping York residents get back on their feet.”

Anyone needing to apply to the fund should get in touch with City of York Council on 01904 551550.

For advice and support on the York floods visit www.york.gov.uk/floods

Floods updateKnavesmire Road
  • River levels continue to drop and local flood warnings have been downgraded.
  • Some drivers are now venturing onto the Knavesmire Road. The official advice is not to drive into flood water because of the danger of underwater obstructions, missing manhole covers etc.
  • B1222 @ Naburn is still closed (1300hrs Thursday)
  • Traffic lights at Walmgate Bar and on Foss Islands Road (Morrisons) are still not working

Flooding update

The river at Ouse Bridge has fallen to 4 metres above normal levels from its Sunday peak of 5.2m.
Ouse Bridge Viking gauge 0800 30th Dec 2015

Ouse Bridge Viking gauge 0800 30th Dec 2015

Most bus services are now operating their normal routes
Bus Services 30th Dec 2015

Bus Services 30th Dec 2015

The Council is providing “clean up” skips in streets affected by flooding
Temporary skips for flood damaged items

You can find skips for flood damaged items in the following locations:

  • Tower St (x2) – inside lane opposite the tower
  • Museum gardens entrance – Museum St
  • Kings Staith
  • Piccadilly (x2) – Pay and Display Bays
  • Merchantgate (x2) – outside Red Lion
  • Fossgate at Bridge (x2)
  • Navigation Road (x4) – in resident parking bays
  • Skeldergate – near cock and bottle
  • Rosemary court (x5) – area in resident parking bays
  • Lower Friargate – in parking bays
  • Peckitt Street (x2) – in parking bays
  • Walmgate (x3) – in Pay and Display bays
  • Huntington Road (x3) – in resident parking bays near roundabout
  • Huntington Road – near bridge
  • Dennison St (x2) – in parking bays
  • Gladstone St (x2) – in parking bays
  • Yearsley Crescent
  • Haley’s Terrace York – in parking bays
  • Somerset Road – on verge
  • River Street
  • Colenso St – in parking bays
  • Lower Darnborough Street – in parking bays
  • Main Street, Acaster Malbis
  • Marlborough Grove
  • Elvington Main Street  

More at https://www.york.gov.uk/flood

All major roads have, or are in the process of, re-opening

Flooding update – water levels stable, some roads reopen

The River Ouse has stabilised at 5.2m although there is potential for a rise in river levels towards the end of the week. The river gauges on the Ouse  are still not reporting although those on Blue Beck and Tang Hall Beck show water levels falling.

  • BT are hoping to bring power back to York telephone exchange during the morning

    Rescue workers take a break at the Foxwood Community Centre

    Rescue workers take a break at the Foxwood Community Centre

  • The Army flying in kit with helicopter to help get Foss Barrier working again this week
  • There have been over 80 people who have had electricity cut off
  • 115 people used the rest centre at Archbishop Holgate School. Volunteers opened the Foxwood Community Centre yesterday evening to feed incoming rescue workers.
  • The rescue operation knocked on doors of over 600 properties
  • The Council is looking to get another 10,000 more sandbags.
  • Some roads have reopened
  • Road closures 0835 28th Dec 2015
  • Bus services

These are the current services

Bus services 28th Dec 2015