January 2022 – updated grit bin map published

Local councillors have produced an updated map of the grit bins around Dringhouses & Woodthorpe ward.

The map that is available on the council website does not include grit bins managed by the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, those on the Revival estate that have been ‘adopted’ by the ward or those that have recently been installed following requests from residents.

If residents spot any grit bins that need re-filling, please let us know by e-mailing DandW@yorklibdems.org.uk

Woodthorpe & Acomb Park

Woodthorpe & Acomb Park grit bin location
1 Alness Drive – opposite no. 53
2Deveron Way – outside no. 12
3Alness Drive – junction with Carron Crescent
4Nevis Way – near no. 14
5Eden Close – junction with Orrin Close
6Grassholme – opposite no. 7
7Lowick – opposite no. 7
8Summerfield Road – entrance to primary school
9Summerfield Road – outside no. 33
10Wordsworth Crescent – path across the Green towards the shops
11Silverdale Court – near car ports
12Bramble Dene – opposite no. 84
13Sherringham Drive – outside no. 14
14Sandmartin Court – outside no. 16
41Silverdale Court – garage area at the rear of no. 5

Dringhouses West

Dringhouses West grit bin location
15Wains Road – near 24 Lovel House
16Wains Grove – junction with Chaloners Crescent
17Herdsman Road – Honeysuckle House car park
18Ganton Place – outside flats
19Don Avenue – outside no. 60
20Don Avenue – outside no. 34
21Leeside – outside no. 7
22West Thorpe – near no. 5
23St James’ Place – near no. 10
24North Lane – opposite no. 93
25North Lane – junction with Moorlea Avenue
26North Lane – junction with Orchard Way
27Orchard Way – junction with Orchard Close
28Southfield Crescent – opposite no. 8
42Wains Road – outside no. 28

Dringhouses North

 Dringhouses North grit bin location
29Tadcaster Road – outside Cross Keys pub
30Aintree Court – by steps leading down to Railway Pond
32Nelsons Lane – opposite playground
33Hillcrest Gardens – at junction with Hob Moor Terrace
34Tadcaster Road – junction with Pulleyn Drive
43On the path to Little Hob Moor, next to the litter bin
44At the entrance to the underpass from Little Hob Moor

Dringhouses South

 Dringhouses South grit bin location
35Middlethorpe Grove – junction with The Spinney
36Middlethorpe Grove – outside shops
37Academy Drive – outside no. 47
38Principal Rise – outside no. 1
39Principal Rise – outside no. 54
40College Court – outside no. 33

Update on Middlethorpe Grove resurfacing work

The recent wintry weather has delayed the completion of the road resurfacing works on Middlethorpe Grove.

Middlethorpe Grove









Although the resurfacing work was completed successfully before the bad spell of weather came in, the joint cutting, road marking and verge seeding did not take place due to the snow. The joint cutting was further delayed by the snow on Thursday 8 March. It is hoped that this work will now take place, along with the road marking, during the week commencing 12 March. The reinstatement of all disturbed verges will occur during the week commencing 19 March.

Ward Committee funds local improvements

Funding from the Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward Committee continues to make a difference to our area.

On the Revival estate, off Tadcaster Road, there are four grit bins which were installed when the estate was first built. Local Lib Dem councillors have been trying to find out who is responsible for them, but it seems no-one is!









We have therefore stepped in and have agreed that the Ward Committee will ‘adopt’ these grit bins. They have all now been re-filled (paid for from the ward budget) and two have been relocated to ensure a more even distribution across the estate.

Further up Tadcaster Road, Brunswick Organic Nursery has delivered two wheelchair-accessible raised beds to Dringhouses library. The beds have been funded from the ward budget, and are a further addition to the wonderful revamped patio area at the side and rear of the library.

Be ready for wintry conditions – “on line” map gives local salt bin and gritting details for York

It looks like we may get our first freeze of the winter shortly so we hope that residents will check that their local salt bins are full (and free from litter).

Its also a good idea to know which local streets are routinely de-iced by the “gritting” lorry.service-map


Easiest way to find  out where your local services are is by accessing the above map which can be found at:


Click i to see where your nearest salt bin issalt-bins-gritting-routes

Then click the fourth symbol along.

This will allow you to tick a box next to “primary” and” secondary” gritting routes. The primary gritting routes include most bus routes and are salted as a precaution when weather forecasts predict icy conditions.

You can find out whether the gritters are working by “following” them on twitter @yorkgritter

Grit bin restored

Just in time for the current cold snap, we are pleased to report that the grit bin on Hillcrest Gardens has been reinstalled, two years after the previous Labour council administration ordered its removal.

This has been funded by the Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward Budget, which has been substantially increased by the current council administration.

Hillcrest Gardens



















We’d like to hear from residents if there are other locations where grit bins could be installed.

Local services mapped out

Salt bin locations west York 22nd Nov 2015


The York Council has a useful map available online at http://localview.york.gov.uk/Sites/TranStreetCare/#

It shows the location of many local services including individual street lighting columns (with their I/D number and type) plus litter bins and poop scoop bins. It also shows which roads and footpaths have been adopted for maintenance purposes.

At this time of year the map can be used to locate salt bins while also displaying the route that the gritting lorries follow.

You can get daily updates on twitter from the gritting teams https://twitter.com/yorkgritter

The map indicates how many volunteer “snow wardens” there are in the area. There are nine in the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward

Volunteer snow wardens are residents who give up some of their time to clear snow during bad weather. There are 211 registered volunteers across York. The Council provides volunteers with:

  • training
  • high-visibility vests
  • snow-clearing kits
  • insurance
  • grit

We know that some of the local salt bins have been filled with litter.  If one needs attention, please e-mail Cllr Stephen Fenton at cllr.sfenton@york.gov.uk