Residents decide on playground proposals

A large number of children and adults came along to the drop-in sessions at the Woodthorpe Green playground on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to see the options for improving the play area.

Everyone was asked to vote for their first and second preferences out of the four plans on display.

Braving the rain on Friday afternoon

Great turnout despite the rain

Sunnier on Saturday!

There will be another chance to vote at the Ward Committee meeting on Tuesday 26 September from 6.30pm at the indoor bowls club on Thanet Road, and at the McMillan fundraising coffee morning at St James the Deacon on the morning of Saturday 30 September.

All four plans are set out below.

Plan A

Plan B

Plan C

Plan D

Woodthorpe Green play improvements – vote for your favourite scheme!

The play area at Woodthorpe Green is going to be updated with some new equipment, thanks to funding from City of York Council and the Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward Committee.

The Woodthorpe Community Group is working with the council to gather feedback on plans that have been submitted by playground companies and would like everyone who uses the park to come along and vote for their preferred design.

Representatives from the Community Group will be in the playground from 3-4pm on Friday 22nd September and 10-11am on Saturday 23rd September. Playground users are invited to come along and vote for their favourite design.

Ultra Fibre Optic works get underway

Work had got underway to lay Ultra Fibre Optic cable beneath the pavements across the ward, starting in the Thanet Road area. The work is being undertaken by contractors on behalf of TalkTalk. Residents should receive a leaflet about the works two weeks in advance, and then again 48 hours before the crews arrive.

Work is being done on the following streets between 18 and 22 September:

  • St Helens Road
  • Thanet Road
  • Eason View
  • Eason Road
  • Gower Road
  • Don Avenue
  • Swale Avenue
  • Leeside
  • Thanet Road

From 25 September the work moves on to:

  • Turnmire Road
  • Southfield Crescent
  • Railway View
  • North Lane
  • The Pastures
  • Meadow Court

TalkTalk have set up a 24-hour careline number which residents can call in the event of any problems – 0800 542 8073. There is also a Facebook page – TalkTalkUFOYork


Weekend litter pick success

Residents joined local Lib Dem councillors with community clean-up activities around Dringhouses & Woodthorpe ward on 2nd and 3rd September.

On Saturday 2nd, the Chaloners Road / Eason View area was litter picked, and on Sunday 3rd a larger team tackled the Askham Bar old Park & Ride site and surrounding area.

Over 20 bags of rubbish collected at Askham Bar

Cllr Ann Reid joined the litter pick

A number of passers by told us that they have recently seen rats in and around the car park, which is concerning but not surprising given the disgusting amount of food waste and packaging that some irresponsible people see fit to dump here.

Defibrilator training boost

Local Liberal Democrat councillors were pleased to help the Dringhouses Bowling Club secure a new defibrillator, along with free training in its use for eight club members.

The Bowling Club, which is based at York Racecourse Stables, was awarded £1,600 by the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward Committee.
Liberal Democrat Councillor Ashley Mason, who is also a paramedic, offered to train the members in how to use the equipment, saving the club £350. York Racecourse was also kind enough to let the Bowling Club use their facilities for no charge for the training.

Cllr Ashley Mason (right) with Ray Lyall from Dringhouses Bowling Club

Cllr Ashley Mason said:
A person’s chance of survival decreases 10 per cent every minute that passes without defibrillation, so applying a defibrillator within the first four minutes of collapse means the patient has the best possible chance of surviving.”

North Lane issues tackled

We are currently pursuing a number of issues in the North Lane area.

The steps leading up from Moor Grove onto the St Helens Road railway bridge are choked with grass and weeds. We have for this area to receive attention ASAP.

The dog poo bin on North Lane pasture is often overflowing, which suggests more frequent emptying or a larger capacity bin is needed. We will try to get some improvements made.

Nearby, we have again asked for the Chaseside Court street sign to be turned round to face the right way.


And at the junction of North Lane and Orchard Way the footpath is gradually disappearing under vegetation which needs cutting back properly. We are in discussion with the council to confirm responsibility for the strip of land on which the vegetation is growing.

Loading bay parking problems

In a recent survey undertaken by local Lib Dem councillors, Slingsby Grove residents expressed concerns about sight lines being blocked by cars parking in the ‘loading bay’ in front of the shops on Tadcaster Road. When cars, and in particular vans, park here, it obstructs motorists’ view of vehicles coming from the left as they pull out of Slingsby Grove.

We recently took this photo showing the ‘parking bay’ beyond the bus stop empty, whilst cars parked in the ‘loading bay’ (and in one case obstructed the cycle path).

Loading only?

We have asked council officers about the possibility of painting more striking markings for the loading bay, but this idea has not found favour. We will continue to press for action, as this is a matter of public safety about which residents have concerns.

Hob Moor footpath gets much-needed repair

The large hole which appeared in the footpath on Hob Moor near the railway underpass has been repaired after we reported it for attention.

This section of footpath had started to crumble away, and it seems to have been related to utilities work that was carried out some time ago.

Repair work underway

Before – the footpath was in dire need of attention