Double yellow line proposals published

The council has published proposals to amend traffic restrictions by installing new lengths of double yellow lines at four locations around Dringhouses and Woodthorpe.

The proposals relate to Moorcroft Road, North Lane, Pulleyn Drive and the slip road by Yorkcraft on Tadcaster Road.

The deadline for comments to be made is 28 February 2020. These can be submitted by e-mail to or in writing to Director of Economy & Place, Network Management, West Offices, Station Rise, York YO1 6GA.

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Action to create additional parking provision for Dringhouses

Local Lib Dem councillors are taking action to protect grass verges from being turned into mud baths and provide parking for houses and flats in Dringhouses that have no off-street parking.

Ward funding and Housing Environmental Improvement funds are set to be used to create new parking bays, some of which will be layby-style and others similar to the ‘ecogrid’ bays recently established at Dringfield Close (pictured below).

Sites identified so far include North Lane, Wains Road, Southfield Crescent and Chaloners Road. There is also a proposal to expand the parking provision in front of the three-storey block of flats on Thanet Road. Letters have been sent to affected residents asking for their views before the plans are finalised.

Councillors are also hoping to be able to identify funding to support verge cross-overs to be created for council properties, with Thanet Road being a likely beneficiary.

In an attempt to protect verges from being driven over and destroyed, it is planned to trial some planting on verges at the southern end of Wains Road.

Grass verge reinstatement – residents and visitors asked to park responsibly

Residents and visitors on the Middlethorpe estate, off Tadcaster Road, are being asked to park responsibly to give grass verges chance to recover after Ultra Fibre Optic cable laying.

Contractors have been praised by many residents for their helpful and tidy approach, and where verges have been dug up they have been filled and grass seed has been put down.

A minority of residents and visitors however are parking on the verge directly on top of re-laid sections. There are particular issues on Lycett Road (pictured below after a visitor to a nearby house chose to park on freshly laid grass seed).

Damaged verge on Lycett Road

Some residents have suggested that the verges could be protected by either plastic bollards or home-made bamboo-and-string. It is to be hoped that if residents do put in place temporary measures to protect the verge they are not subject to enforcement action by the council!

Chaloners Road parking suspension

Parking will be temporarily suspended on Chaloners Road – from Eason View to Moor Lane – to allow for improvement works to be undertaken by the council.

During the parking suspension road markings will be re-painted, pot holes will be repaired, the carriageway will be mechanically swept and road gullies (drains) will be cleaned.

The suspension will be in force from Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th June from 9am to 3pm, though it is hoped that the suspension will not be needed for three days.

During the parking suspension road markings will be re-painted, pot holes will be repaired, the carriageway will be mechanically swept and road gullies (drains) will be cleaned.

Dringhouses braced for concert traffic impact

Dringhouses residents are braced for the impact of increased traffic associated with the Rod Stewart concert taking place on the Knavesmire on Saturday 1st June.

It is hoped that measures put in place will help to avoid a repeat of the traffic chaos that accompanied the Balloon Festival in September 2018. On that occasion residential streets were often impassable due to a large amount of inconsiderate parking.

Irresponsible parking meant that the exit from Whin Road onto Bracken Road was blocked

The council’s Transport team have issued the following statement to ward councillors for Dringhouses & Woodthorpe, Micklegate and Bishopthorpe wards:

“It is anticipated that 30,000 people will be attending which could lead to up to 7,500 cars parking in the car parks off Knavesmire Road, Campleshon Road, and Bishopthorpe Road. Bearing in mind the impact of the Balloon Festival last year a Traffic Management Plan similar to a busy race day arrangement, but enhanced to cover the increased number of vehicles, will be in place. Timeline:

  • Traffic management in place from approx. 14:00
  • Car Parks open at 16:00
  • Event Performance ends at 22:30
  • All traffic management removed by 01:00 Sunday

  Key Elements:

  • Main Car Parks will be off Knavesmire Road, Campleshon Road and Bishopthorpe Road.
  • Traffic generally directed to access the event off the A64 via Tadcaster Road/ Sim Balk Lane/Bishopthorpe Road.
  • Knavesmire Road to be one way towards Tadcaster Road 14:00 to 01:00
  • A section of Bishopthorpe Road (Middlethorpe Hall to Access to Racecourse Car Park) to be one way northbound 14:00 to 20:00.
  • Shuttle buses will run between the Station and Racecourse.
  • Temporary traffic signals will be in place at key junctions and access points to manage traffic.
  • Civil Enforcement Officers will be available for parking issues. Parking Hotline 0800 1381119 – (08:00 – 21:00)
  • Signs indicating ‘Residents Access Only No Event Parking’ will be placed on access points to residential areas.
  • Route 21 and 11 buses will be diverted around the traffic restrictions on Knavesmire Rd and Bishopthorpe Rd.

Travel advice will be provided on the itravelyork website at  

Traffic levels are expected to be very high with significant delays anticipated. Residents are advised to follow the diversion signs, allow more time for their journeys and use alternative routes away from the Knavesmire area if possible.”

New parking restrictions at Woodthorpe shops

Signage has been installed in the car park behind the shops on Moorcroft Road with the aim of limiting the amount of time that vehicles can be parked there.

Car park signage

Residents using the shops and other local services can park for up to two hours, with no return within three hours. We understand that staff working in the local shops have been issued with permits allowing them to park for longer than two hours.

We believe that these restrictions have been introduced in response to concerns that some residents were using the car park as a ‘park & ride’ facility, parking up in the morning and getting the bus into town. This makes it more difficult for people using local services to find somewhere to park.

The car park is private land, and therefore the council has no role in establishing or enforcing parking restrictions on this land.

Parking boost for Dringfield Close residents

The installation of seven new parking bays for residents on Dringfield Close, off Chaloners Road, has been completed. The bays are constructed from ‘EcoGrid’ with gravel filling and have helped to address a chronic lack of parking provision in this narrow cul de sac.

The scheme was funded by the Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward Committee budget and the Housing Environmental Improvement Programme.