“Save the Green Belt” petition tops 1000 signatures. 94% say green belt land should continue to be protected in York.

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1042 residents have now signed the petition aimed at making permanent the draft Green Belt boundaries, agreed by the York Council in 2011.

This would mean that many of the controversial developments being proposed by Labour would have to be withdrawn.

Green Belt sites scheduled for development by Labour include land next to Knapton/Wetherby Road (Showmans Yard), the Great Knoll Foxwood Lane (residential), west of Moor Lane (residential) and Dunnington (Traveller site).

The number of survey forms returned now makes the following residents survey results reliable to +/- 3%.

The population of York should increase by 25% over the next 15 years Agree 8% Disagree 71% Unde 22%

“(Draft) Green Belt land should continue to be protected from development ” Agree 94% Disagree 3% Unde 3%

More homes should be built at previously developed sites like Terry’s and British Sugar” Agree 89% Disagree 6% Unde 5%

“I am opposed to plans to provide a “showmans” site on Wetherby Road ” Agree 84% Disagree 12% Unde 4%

Greenfield sites in Dringhouses should be protected from development Agree 99% Disagree 1% Unde 0%

“I am opposed to charging for parking at out of City centre retail parks ” Agree 78% Disagree 11% Unde 11%

“I am concerned about the development of large scale wind farms near the City ” Agree 62% Disagree 18% Unde 20%

“I don’t want to see Lendal bridge closed to private cars at the present time ” Agree 69% Disagree 13% Unde 18%

Save the green belt poster Dringhouses

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