Traffic misery as A64 road works overrun

Highways England have admitted that the overnight closures of the A64 at the Bishopthorpe Bridge are set to continue into July, meaning further disruption for residents of Tadcaster Road as traffic is diverted off the A64 and through the city centre. Highways England had previously said that the works should be completed by the end of May.

A64 diversion sign

















Complaints by residents about HGVs travelling at speed along Tadcaster Road through the night prompted Cllr Stephen Fenton to request information from Highways England on when the works would finish. Stephen was told that the slippage was due to “a number of reasons including the need for additional drilling works to fix the new barriers on the bridge.”

Stephen commented  “It is disappointing that the works are over-running, and that information about the slippage of the expected completion date wasn’t proactively communicated to residents or local councillors by Highways England.”

Through traffic on the A64 is meant to be diverted onto the A1237 northern ring road, but the signs on the A64 are very near to the turn off for the A1237. Stephen has asked for some signs to be installed back towards Tadcaster, to give HGVs and other through traffic more notice and reduce the likelihood of them all ending up on Tadcaster Road.

The photograph below was taken at 8.30pm on Friday 3rd June, showing traffic backed up on Tadcaster Road almost all the way back to the Askham Bar roundabout.

Tad Rd traffic



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