Have your say on Moor Lane green belt proposal

In our recent FOCUS newsletter we set out details of the draft Local Plan for York that the joint administration has developed.

We are pleased that the draft plan, if approved, would see land off Moor Lane given proper Green Belt protection. This is great news, after the previous Labour administration in York proposed initially that the land be built on, and then said that it should be ‘safeguarded’ for future development.

Moor Lane field

So whilst we may have won this battle, we haven’t yet won the war. The draft Local Plan is now out for consultation, and if residents want to see the land off Moor Lane given Green Belt protection, they need to make your views known by responding to the consultation.

We now know that developers are fighting the proposed designation of this land as Green Belt – Barwood Development Securities Ltd are promoting an alternative plan that would see a staggering 1,250 homes built all the way from the railway line to the ring road roundabout. You can read more about these worrying proposals on at http://tinyurl.com/zst8bqr

This new threat makes it even more important that residents respond to the consultation to express support for the council’s draft Local Plan.

The consultation runs until 12th September, and there are lots of ways to take part:

  • You can go to www.york.gov.uk/localplan to view the Local Plan proposals and complete an online form
  • You can e-mail localplan@york.gov.uk
  • You can write to Freepost RTEG-TYYU-KLTZ, Local Plan, City of York Council, West Offices, Station Rise, York YO1 6GA
  • A special copy of the council’s ’Our City’ newsletter will also be arriving on doormats shortly, summarising the consultation information and providing a freepost response form

There will also be a drop-in exhibition at Tesco Askham Bar on Wednesday 24th August from 3pm to 7.30pm.

This consultation is about the draft Local Plan that the council is proposing, not about the Barwood proposals. It is vital that as individuals, and as a community, we express our support for the plan to give land off Moor Lane proper Green Belt protection.

Local Plan proposals published

York’s emerging Local Plan will take a step closer to being finalised this month when councillors will be asked to approve a new Local Plan Preferred Sites document, which outlines revised figures for housing, employment and sites that will be used to help pave way for a citywide consultation.







The developing Local Plan aims to support the city’s economic growth, addresses the shortage of housing and helps shape future development and employment in York over the next 15-years and beyond.

The draft plan includes a number of changes from the 2014 publication draft which affect the Dringhouses & Woodthorpe ward:

  • The proposals would see land at Moor Lane, Woodthorpe protected – the previous draft plan had this earmarked as ‘safeguarded land’ for future development
  • Two housing sites previously identified on Tadcaster Road – Land at the Racecourse and at Cherry Lane – have been deleted
  • In the previous draft plan, land at the rear of The Square had been earmarked for 49 dwellings. The new proposals would see the land allocated for residential extra care facilities in association with the Wilberforce Trust
  • It is proposed to allocate land at the former Askham Bar park & ride site for residential development for 60 dwellings

In line with the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework, introduced in 2012, a draft report will go before Executive on 30 June, following a meeting with the Local Plan Working Group on 27 June. If approved, the proposals will then be opened up to the public for an eight-week consultation starting in July.

Cllr Keith Aspden, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader of City of York Council, said:

We have worked with officers since last May on these proposals which aim to deliver the housing York needs but protect the character setting of the city.

“I’m delighted that we are now moving forward to be in the best possible position to take the emerging Local Plan through to adoption. As part of this process, it’s essential that we engage with members of the public through consultation and this report provides important details on the upcoming Preferred Sites consultation, which we will launch this July.

“As the joint administration we have committed to engage with the York’s residents and businesses and this will be one of a series of stages where we will do this. As well as public exhibitions we are sending information to every household in York which will outline in detail the next steps between now and submission to Government next year.”

The Preferred Sites Document identifies approximately 480 hectares of land for housing and approximately 57 hectares of land for employment. The previous publication draft plan included approximately 960 hectares of land for housing and 61 hectares of land for employment.

The majority of the land removed sits within the draft Green Belt with proposed green field housing sites cut by over 50 per cent from 862 hectares to 366.

The vast majority of draft green belt sites proposed in 2014 have either been removed entirely, substantially altered and/or reduced in size.

In addition to this, the previous publication draft included 335 hectares of safeguarded land identified for longer term need. All safeguarded land has now been removed from the plan. A small element has been reallocated for employment uses at Grimston Bar and Northminster.

Proposed housing on brownfield land has increased from 85 hectares (in 2014) to 101 hectares, with York Central alone earmarked for 1,500 new homes.

These projections are in line with York’s independently-assessed housing need, taking account of completed sites, sites with permission and supplemented by small windfalls (sites which come forward during the plan period). Overall, the proposals will deliver land for at least 8,277 homes for the period up to 2032 and 2,450 homes for the period 2032 and 2037.

Linking housing and employment growth continues to be an important element of this work. Over 50 hectares of employment land has been identified for future development in York over the lifespan of the new plan, including the University of York, York Central and Northminster.

Significant evidence work was undertaken prior to the draft Preferred Sites paper to ensure York’s heritage and conservation, open spaces are protected and flood risk areas were taken into account.

The plan is expected to be submitted to the Secretary of State (Planning Inspectorate) by May 2017.

To view a copy of the Local Plan Working Group report visit: http://democracy.york.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=128&MId=9703

To find out more visit www.york.gov.uk/localplan

Tacking street-level issues on Tadcaster Road

We are working to get action on a number of street-level issues in the Tadcaster Road area.

Graffiti has been cleaned off the Middlethorpe Grove Street sign at the junction with Tadcaster Road, and the electric utility company have been asked to clean up the graffiti that has been daubed on one of their cabinets on Tadcaster Road.

This graffiti has now been cleaned off

  This graffiti has now been cleaned off










Electric utility box

We have also managed to get the drainage channel outside the vets on Tadcaster Road repaired and cleared out – blockages have been causing the parking layby to flood.













...and after

…and after




















We have obtained a new street sign for Middlethorpe Drive, as the old sign was badly faded.

Shiny new street sign

Shiny new street sign

Askham Bar litter pick success

Cllr Stephen Fenton was joined by seven local volunteers for a litter pick at the old Park & Ride site on Sunday 15th May.

Askham Bar May 2016

“I’d like to thank the volunteers who gave up their Sunday afternoon to join in the litter pick. We managed to bag a decent haul of rubbish.”

Stephen also swept the cycle path that runs along the side of the nursery building, where there was a lot of detritus in which weeds were starting to take root. Other cycle tracks in the vicinity have been reported as needing a good sweep.


Community litter pick this Sunday

Cllr Stephen Fenton is organising a community litter pick this Sunday, 15th May, at the old Askham Bar park & ride site (now known as the ‘Moor Lane pay & display car park’). The litter pick will start at 2pm and finish at 4pm. A similar event in January generated over 50 bags of rubbish.

Litter picking teamAny local residents who would like to take part should e-mail Stephen on cllr.sfenton@york.gov.uk or call 787988, so that Stephen knows to bring a sufficient number of litter grabbers on Sunday!

Councillor’s vow on Chaloners Road speed management

Speeding remains a concern on Chaloners Road

Local Lib Dem councillor Stephen Fenton has vowed to continue to campaign for speed management measures to be introduced on the stretch of Chaloners Road between Thanet Road and the junction with Dringfield Close.

Hopes has been raised that the area may qualify for funding for a flashing ‘Vehicle Activated Sign’ to remind motorists of the 30mph limit. However new speed data showed an “85th percentile speed of 33mph, concurrent with guidance for 30mph.” This meant that the site is no longer a priority for speed management funding.

Stephen commented “For many years residents have had to put up with speeding traffic. This isn’t the end of the story. We will now consider if Ward funding could be used for speed management measures on this section of Chaloners Road.”

Action on flytipping and cycle path damage

Cllr Stephen Fenton is pressing Network Rail to take action to remove flytipping from its land at the end of North Lane, next to the railway line.

Flytipping by the railway line

Flytipping by the railway line

This was reported by Stephen and local residents some weeks ago. Network Rail have said that it has been ‘sent to the maintenance team’ but they can’t give a time estimate for it to be cleared.

Meanwhile in Woodthorpe, Stephen has asked for damage done to the markings on Lomond Ginnel to be repaired. It looks as though someone has hacked away at the paint markings at the junction with Girvan Close and Eden Close.

Lomond Ginnel markings damaged

Lomond Ginnel markings damaged


Action on street-level issues

We recently posted an article about a number of local issues in need of attention. We’re pleased to report that there has been progress in getting them fixed…..

Tree roots had caused the footpath on Silverdale Court to lift and crack in a couple of places, causing a trip hazard. These have now been fixed.

Repaired footpath on Silverdale Court

Repaired footpath on Silverdale Court



















On Tadcaster Road the footpath was badly potholed at the entrance to the Texaco garage / Co-op. Although it is still something of a patchwork, the worst potholes have now been filled in.

Tadcaster Road footpath repaired

Tadcaster Road footpath repaired

On Wharfe Drive a large pothole had appeared and the road was subsiding towards the kerb, causing large pools of water to collect. This meant that in wet weather, anyone unlucky enough to be walking along when a car passed got a drenching. This has now been fixed.

Wharfe Drive repaired

Wharfe Drive repaired



















We are asking when the snicket barriers at the top of Carrfield are going to get a much-needed lick of paint. Funds to pay for this have been identified and approved from the 2015/16 Ward Budget.

Carrfield snicket barrier

Carrfield snicket barrier


Tackling street-level issues

Cllr Stephen Fenton spent the weekend out and about across the ward gathering information on street-level issues that need fixing.

Just a few weeks after a repair was made, another section of the brick wall in front of the flats on Thanet Road has been damaged. Stephen has asked for it to be repaired.

Thanet Road wall

Despite it being reported to Network Rail by residents, the fly tipping at the end of North Lane by the railway line has not been removed. Stephen has written to Network Rail to ask for it to be sorted out ASAP.

North Lane


At the other end of North Lane, a large bag of sawdust has been dumped at the entrance to Hob Moor. Stephen has asked for it to be removed.

Hob Moor

The street sign for Dringfield Close has taken a hit from something or someone, and so Stephen has asked for it to be repaired or replaced.

Dringfield Close

A large stretch of pavement on Tadcaster Road at the entrance to the Texaco garage / Co-op store is badly potholed. Stephen has asked for it to be repaired.

Tadcaster Road footpath

Another section of pavement in need of repair is on Silverdale Court, where a tree root has caused the pavement to rise up and crack, posing a trip hazard for residents. Stephen has asked for it to be repaired.

Silverdale Court