Double yellow line proposals published

The council has published proposals to amend traffic restrictions by installing new lengths of double yellow lines at four locations around Dringhouses and Woodthorpe.

The proposals relate to Moorcroft Road, North Lane, Pulleyn Drive and the slip road by Yorkcraft on Tadcaster Road.

The deadline for comments to be made is 28 February 2020. These can be submitted by e-mail to or in writing to Director of Economy & Place, Network Management, West Offices, Station Rise, York YO1 6GA.

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Number 12 bus – £65k subsidy sought to support Alness Drive / Acomb Wood Drive route

The subsidy for the section of the number 12 bus route which serves Alness Drive, Acomb Wood Drive and Bellhouse Way is to be extended until April 2020. But beyond then, a subsidy of £65,000 per year is being sought in order to retain that section of the route.

Local Lib Dem councillors are campaigning to protect bus services

An Officer Decision published by City of York Council (available HERE) states that a report will be prepared for the council’s Executive to consider the long-term funding given the annual cost is greater than the budget available.

Some key headlines from the published Decision are set out below:

  • First York planned to cancel service 3A, and the section of service 12 which connects Bellhouse Way, Acomb Wood Drive and Alness Drive with the city centre and Monks Cross, with effect from 29th September 2019. City of York Council agreed temporary funding for both services until 1st February 2020
  • A fully compliant tender process has been carried out and the winning bidder is prepared to provide an equivalent service to the existing route 12 (with vehicles meeting the Clean Air Zone emissions requirement) for approx. £65k per annum
  • The cost of operating both services from 2nd February until 31st March would be £14,800 (£4k for service 3A and £10.8k for service 12), which is within budget for the 2019/20 financial year
  • The cost of operating both services throughout 2020/21 and subsequent financial years would be £88,700 per annum (£24k for service 3A and £64.7k for service 12), which exceeds the anticipated subsidised bus budget for 2020/21 by around £26k. It is therefore not possible to fund both services beyond 4th April 2020 from within the budget.

Local Lib Dem councillors will continue to work with council officers and bus operators to maintain and improve bus services which provide a lifeline for many residents.

Retirement apartments plan for Cherry Lane

Residents and local councillors have been invited to attend an exhibition to learn more about a proposal to build retirement apartments on land off Cherry Lane in Dringhouses.

Prior to submitting a planning application, the developer – Adlington Retirement Living – is seeking to give local residents an opportunity to view and comment on the proposals. The exhibition will be held at the Holiday Inn on Wednesday 19 February from 2.30pm to 7pm.

The proposed development site is currently occupied by three detached properties. We understand that the apartments, which will be use class ‘C2’, will be for purchase by older people requiring care and will include communal facilities.

This latest proposal comes soon after an application for outline planning consent was submitted for five detached homes to be built on an adjacent site off Cherry Lane.

A flyer publicising the exhibition is copied below.

Storm Ciara hits Woodthorpe

Heavy rain and strong winds made an impact on Sunday 7th February, with ditches waterlogged and at least one tree down. Thankfully there have been no reports of damage to property.

Fallen tree on Nevis Way
Ditch at the rear of Coeside, which thankfully did not overtop
Acomb Wood, near Acomb Wood Drive entrance
Acomb Wood, between Alness Drive and Acomb Wood Drive

Dog fouling concerns in Woodthorpe

Incidents of dog fouling in Woodthorpe seem to be on the rise, despite additional litter and dog waste bin having been installed across the ward.

One resident has made their feeling very clear on one snicket footpath.

City of York Council is asking local communities to get involved in tackling the problem. Set out below is a briefing note which sets out details of a project that groups of residents can get involved with. Ward funding would be available to cover the costs of the project.

Aim of the project

To combat the growing incidents of dog fouling around York, to equip stakeholders and members of the public with information to help raise awareness and the means to report incidents and help tackle the problem at a local level.

Why do we want to do this?

There has been an increase in reports of dog fouling to Neighbourhood Enforcement both from members of the public and via Public Realm.

There is insufficient resource to carry out the amount of patrolling necessary to cover all problem areas and offences often take place at unsocial hours when officers will not be available to patrol. 

In addition, patrols alone are not the most effective tool to deter people from allowing their dogs to foul; more local ownership of the problem is required – to be the eyes and ears of the community and make the offence socially unacceptable.

Scope of Project

  • The project will revolve around a package of information, guidance and free materials for dog owners, aimed at ward councillors, Parish councils, Resident Associations and community groups.
  • The package will include:-

Advertising Materials and guidance

  • 100 “Its not a game” flyers for door to door delivery
    • Bespoke flyers/postcards for targeted campaigns by street
    • Information on School engagement to design a poster
    • Information on designing their own
    • Pricing and information for A4 lamp-post mounted aluminium signs

Free Merchandise

  • Supply of dog poo bags
    • Supply of hand sanitiser
    • Spray Paint

Intelligence Gathering

  • Monitoring report forms for information gathering
    • Local Maps – on request
    • Incident reporting booklets
    • Comprehensive instructions to help identify perpetrators and/or problem locations and times
  • The pack will provide a six-week campaign brief to help groups take a step by step approach to educating, engaging and enforcing the anti-dog fouling message.
  • Updated CYC webpages with dedicated info and downloadable resources, links to Keep Britain Tidy website, RSPCA…..

What is required?

  • Agree budget
  • Order merchandise
  • Order spray paint
  • Complete campaign pack information
  • Design intelligence reporting form
  • Design bespoke flyer / postcard
  • Design bin sticker – any bin will do
  • Design school poster brief
  • Create webpage
  • Decide on Twitter account #tag
  • Promote use of social media – Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness

New litter bins installed

The first of a batch of six new litter bins have been installed around Dringhouses & Woodthorpe ward. The locations of the bins have been informed by suggestions made by residents.

New bin at the bus stop near Holiday Inn

Bins have been installed on Eason View, Chaloners Road and Tadcaster Road, with the remaining bins to be installed on Dringthorpe Road (entrance to Knavesmire Wood), St Helens Road (near school entrance) and Summerfield Road.

New bin on Eason View near junction with Turnmire Road

Wains Grove phone box to be removed

BT have confirmed that they plan to remove the phone kiosk on Wains Grove, outside Costcutter, on 3rd February.

BT had announced their intention to remove the kiosk some time ago and invited feedback from residents. No objections to the kiosk’s removal were raised.

It has recently become a target for vandalism with panels kicked out and cables damaged.

Shoddy road reinstatement work to be rectified

Action is to be taken to rectify shoddy road reinstatement work undertaken by a Northern Powergrid (NPG) contractor on Eason View.

City of York Council’s Streetworks team has been in regular contact with NPG about the need to return and reinstate the road surface to an acceptable standard.

NPG have agreed to come back and re-work the crumbling trench, with dates to be confirmed. The two-year guarantee period for the work will then restart after the second attempt at reinstatement has been completed. NPG will be using a different contractor to deliver the remedial works.

Planning application for five homes off Cherry Lane

An application for outline planning consent has been submitted for five detached homes to be built on land off Cherry Lane in Dringhouses.

The site of the proposed development is not earmarked for any specific purpose in the draft Local Plan, nor is is it within the proposed Green Belt boundary.

Full details of the application can be found HERE. The deadline for comments to be submitted is 28 January 2020.

Renovation works planned for Moor Lane Youth Centre

The council has issued an invitation to tender for renovation works at the Moor Lane Youth Centre on Wains Road in Dringhouses.

The tender, issued on the ‘YorTender’ website, refers to the building being divided for use by two user groups. More details of the tender are available HERE

Investment in this facility is welcomed, and it is hoped that there will be more opportunities for greater community use, in particular as a base for open-access activities for young people.