York unemployment falls by 14% in March

There were 1048 people claiming job seekers allowance in York in March.

This was down by 168 compared to February. 

The York job seeker rate fell to just 0.8%

The UK figure was 2% and the regional figure 2.7%.

The unemployed figure contained 692 men and 358 women.

National employment rate at a new record high

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New figures show that the rate of employment is at a new record high of 73.4 per cent.

In the last three months, the number of jobs created increased by 248,000.

During the quarter youth unemployment fell by 21,000 and 151,000 on the year.

Commenting on the figures, Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable said:

“Employment levels have hit new records today, with almost three quarter of working aged people now in work.

“Youth unemployment has continued to fall over the year and our successful apprenticeship programme, which the Lib Dems have prioritised in government, will help that improve yet further.

“With wages now rising continuously faster than inflation, living standards are rising too.

“The role of the Liberal Democrats in government has been crucial to promoting economic stability and a strong recovery.  And the work I have led to deal with abuses in zero hour contracts and strengthening the national minimum wage, will help ensure the recovery is also fair.”

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