UPDATED – Developers submit plans to bulldoze Green Belt land off Moor Lane

As expected, developers have formally submitted an application to build 516 homes on Green Belt land adjacent to Askham Bog off Moor Lane in Woodthorpe.

The red line marks the boundary of the proposed development site

The plans are overwhelmingly opposed by local residents, and by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust which manages Askham Bog.

Local Lib Dem councillors have consistently opposed the plans, and we urge residents to lodge objections with the council. The planning application can be viewed on the council website HERE. To submit an objection, go to this website and click on ‘Comments’ and follow the instructions.

***UPDATE*** The council website had initially shown a deadline of 9th January for residents to submit comments and objections. This was incorrect, and we are now told that the closing date will be at the end of January or beginning of February.

One thought on “UPDATED – Developers submit plans to bulldoze Green Belt land off Moor Lane

  1. Anne Arundale says:

    I am writing to say that I object strongly to the application plan to build the initial number, of over 500 homes on the Moor Lane site.
    This area has been designated as a green field site for a reason .
    The protection of the Askham Bog Nature Reserve.

    The planning needs to also look at the effect of traffic on Moor lane which at present is not only used as an access road from the A1237 to the College, Tesco’s, The Hospice, Blind Workshop and Race meetings but also serves the Woodthorpe and Foxwood residents to Tadcaster Rd and to the Park and Ride.
    The traffic already queues along Moor Lane to access Tadcaster Rd and has a detrimental effect on air quality for the residents living in the area. So an additional 500 plus homes, with up to 1000 cars, plus service vans etc for the proposed shops , school etc will all be using Moor Lane ,as no other route has been proposed to access the A1237 or Tadcaster Rd.
    The planning with no other access route ,other than Moor Lane ,is just not viable for this area.
    More pollution in a residential area. More contamination for the fragile ecological area.
    The scale of the planning is unnecessary in this area and expectedly this is the initial plan, with double the number of houses to follow.
    There are a huge number of brown field sites in and around York which have been ignored for a number of years and are more suitable for development.
    It is recognised there is a need for more housing but no plans should put an important site at risk. Future generations would not forgive us.

    There is no need to put the Nature Reserve at risk of destruction forever.
    This planning proposal should be rejected.

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