LibDems back new save our countryside campiagn

Green Belt map of England

Green Belt map of England

York’s Liberal Democrat Council Group Leader says a new national campaign to protect the countryside supports the approach his party has taken to controversial housing plans.

Last week the Lib Dems submitted their objection to Labour run City of York Council’s Draft Local Plan, which proposes building 16,000 houses on Green Belt land over the next 15 years. In recent months the Lib Dems have been leading the fight to protect York’s Green Belt, including organising a petition signed by nearly 2,500 local residents. The party has said that new housing should be focused on brownfield sites before the countryside surrounding York is developed.

Now a national ‘Save our Countryside’ charter launched by the CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) has highlighted the threat of developing Green Belt land and called on councils to develop brownfield sites first. The CPRE has said that current policies mean the countryside is “being destroyed unnecessarily” and a ‘brownfield first’ approach should be adopted.


Concerns for Hob Moor as new development plans revealed

We understand that a leaflet is to be circulated in the area near Our Lady’s school on Hob Moor giving details of the planned development there.

Residents, who were expecting to see a plan for 29 new homes (as included in the Councils new draft “Local Plan”) now find that 56 units are proposed.

That’s represents a 93% increase

Proposed layout Click to enlarge

Proposed layout Click to enlarge

Even a casual glance at the plans suggests that the homes are being shoehorned into the site. High density developments like these tend to bring their own problems resulting from neighbour disagreements.

A very liberal interpretation of the “footprint” of the existing (school) buildings is also being taken.

There are some big issues here with the impact of the “big growth” option having on local roads, sewers and other public services.

Another concern would be the impact on the neighbouring Hob Moor stray.

The problem is exacerbated by the Council’s plan to build on the nearby Newbury Avenue garage site.

House profiles click to enlarge

House profiles click to enlarge

The exhibition of the proposals will take place between 3pm – 6pm on Tuesday the 30th July, 2013 at: Acorn ARL Sports and Social Club Thanet Road YO24 2NW

All the homes will be for rent with most social housing (Yorkshire Housing Association)

The notice being given to local residents is also very short given that we ware entering the major holiday period.

No planning application has, as yet, been submitted.

Scrubber comes to York

City of York Council is harnessing the latest cleaning technology to help keep the city looking its best.

A new suction sweeper has just hit the streets. Maneuvered by an operator walking behind it, the machine pulverises and compacts waste by two thirds, and is nimble enough to use on busy streets. While it might tackle extra waste following busy days in the city centre, equally it can suck up and squash autumn leaves, giving it year-round functionality.

Bold vision to make York the ‘Greenest City in the North’

The Liberal Democrat Group has outlined ambitions plans to make York the greenest city in the north of England.

The Group will ask City of York Council to back the vision at a ‘Full Council’ meeting on the 18th July. If passed, the plans would see a commitment to achieve the highest recycling rates in the region, an ambitious carbon reduction programme implemented, and work undertaken to explore setting-up a doorstep food recycling service and a council-owned renewable energy company.

Green Bin

The Liberal Democrat Group will move the following motion at a meeting of City of York Council’s ‘Full Council’ on Thursday 18th July at 6:30pm at the Guildhall:

Make York the Greenest City in the North of England Council motion


Road works in York – new “where they are” web site launched

York road works map

York road works map

A new web site has been launched which claims to list all current road works taking place in York (and, indeed, the UK).

It includes all statutory undertakings (telephones, water, power etc), not just the Council.

How accurate it will prove to be remains to be seen, but you can check it out at the following web site

York residents consultation overload?


After 2 years with virtually no consultation with residents, York is heading towards an overdose this month.

The latest is asking about how the City centre should look and be preserved.

Other consultations taking place at present include:

20 mph city wide speed limit. Deadline for receipt of objections 21st June 2013 Alternative view

Local Plan & the Green Belt — Deadline 31st July. plan Alternative view

New ward boundaries (Boundary Commission). Deadline 5th August Alternative view:

The new consultation talks about the importance of having a “fully accessible” City. The consultation runs for eight-weeks until Wednesday 31 July.


Students help to clear up and give back to the community

City of York Council is teaming up with the British Heart Foundation and students from both the city’s universities to help recycle and reuse household goods from students who are coming to the end of their academic year.

The council will be running two extra waste collections for students who are leaving before their designated collection day. The collections will be on June 15 and 29. Two crews will be circling the main student areas in The Groves and Haxby Road on both dates, and also in the Heslington Road and Hull Road areas on June 29.


“Save the Green Belt” petition tops 1000 signatures. 94% say green belt land should continue to be protected in York.

Page 4 Click to enlarge

Page 4 Click to enlarge

1042 residents have now signed the petition aimed at making permanent the draft Green Belt boundaries, agreed by the York Council in 2011.

This would mean that many of the controversial developments being proposed by Labour would have to be withdrawn.

Green Belt sites scheduled for development by Labour include land next to Knapton/Wetherby Road (Showmans Yard), the Great Knoll Foxwood Lane (residential), west of Moor Lane (residential) and Dunnington (Traveller site).

The number of survey forms returned now makes the following residents survey results reliable to +/- 3%.

The population of York should increase by 25% over the next 15 years Agree 8% Disagree 71% Unde 22%

“(Draft) Green Belt land should continue to be protected from development ” Agree 94% Disagree 3% Unde 3%

More homes should be built at previously developed sites like Terry’s and British Sugar” Agree 89% Disagree 6% Unde 5%

“I am opposed to plans to provide a “showmans” site on Wetherby Road ” Agree 84% Disagree 12% Unde 4%

Greenfield sites in Dringhouses should be protected from development Agree 99% Disagree 1% Unde 0%

“I am opposed to charging for parking at out of City centre retail parks ” Agree 78% Disagree 11% Unde 11%

“I am concerned about the development of large scale wind farms near the City ” Agree 62% Disagree 18% Unde 20%

“I don’t want to see Lendal bridge closed to private cars at the present time ” Agree 69% Disagree 13% Unde 18%

Save the green belt poster Dringhouses