Labour cut road maintenance in York by 32%

Since taking office Labour Councillors have reduced investment in road and footpath maintenance in the City by 32%.

Newly released figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show the amount invested in each of the last 3 years.

2010 – £6,510,000 (LibDem leadership budget)

2011 – £6,388,000 (LibDem budget)

2012 – £4,428,000 (Labour budget).

The Council has listed the streets affected by road works in each of the 3 years (click to access individual years)




In their 2011 local election manifest Labour promised to spend more on road repairs!

Labour road repair promise

Indecision grips York Council on Voluntary Sector and Manor School

One of the revealing things about the York Councils list of upcoming decisions relates to the number of issues which keep getting “put off”.

Current record goes to Manor school who have been seeking to lease an additional area of playing field from the Council.

The decision has now been delayed on 6 occasions!

Only slightly less worrying is a plan for developing a “thriving voluntary sector”.

The origins of this item are lost in the mists of time but it was due to be discussed last November then slipped to December and then March.

It is unlikely now to see the light of day before June.

Small wonder then that the Council for Voluntary Service chief in York has recently quit.

Complaints about blocked drainage gullies up by 43% in York

Blocked gulley complaints.  Click to enlarge

Blocked gulley complaints.
Click to enlarge

The Labour Councils decision to reduce the routine cleaning of gullies in much of the City has proved to be a false economy.

During 2012, 649 complaints were received by the Council from residents who were concerned about carriageway and footpath flooding.

Block gullies were blamed.

Special cleans had to be arranged on 201 occasions.

New Recycling Boxes On The Way


Over the coming 5 months, City of York Council will be delivering new kerbside recycling boxes to 66,650 homes across the city.

You will receive two new boxes to go alongside your existing green box. One new box will be used for glass and the other new box will be for paper and cardboard. Your existing green box is to be used for plastic bottles and cans.

In order to cut down on the problem of paper blowing across the streets on windy days that many of you have contacted us about the new boxes come will complete with lids. You will also receive a net to use on your existing recycling box.

Having recycling sorted into three boxes will make collection quicker and easier for our crews and the efficiency savings this will generate will allow us to roll out kerbside recycling to those areas of the city that currently don’t have a collection.

York’s recycling rate has increased from 12% in 2003 to more than 45% in 2009, saving the city millions of pounds in landfill taxes and reducing the impact on the environment.

Delivery of the new boxes will be in two phases, phase one begins later this month and runs until the end of July. The second phase runs through September and October. No new boxes will be delivered during the school summer holidays to avoid any problems with people being on holiday and boxes being left out.

If you are in the first phase of the delivery, which includes the majority of Dringhouses and Woodthorpe, stickers will be placed on your grey bin to tell you when to expect your new boxes. You can also check the delivery date for your street on the City of York Council website here.

The assisted service for those who have difficulty carrying their boxes to the front of the property will continue.

If you have any questions about the new boxes you can read a list of frequently asked questions here or call York Customer Contact Centre on 01904 551551

Ward Committee Meeting 21st April 2010


The next Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday 21st April from 7pm at Dringhouses Primary School.

Prior to the meeting from 6.15 pm there will be a drop in surgery where you will be able to come along and talk to us as your Ward Councillors, the local Street Environment Officer, the Safer Neighbourhood Team and the Neighbourhood Management Officer about any issue that you want to raise.

At the main meeting itself there will be updates from the Safer Neighbourhood Team and local Trading Standards, who will be talking about the cold calling zones in the ward.

There will also be presentations on the York in Bloom initiative and the local planning panel, along with information about how you can get involvled in both projects.

I hope to see you at the meeting.

Kerbside Recycling Scheme Set For Improvements

York’s successful kerbside recycling scheme is set to undergo changes to make collection quicker and easier, allowing collection to be extended to cover the whole city.

Currently residents present their recycling in a variety of boxes and bags. Collection crews often have sort through the waste dividing it up as they load it into collection trucks.

A new system has been agreed which will see £490,000 invested in providing residents with three recycling boxes with lids to allow them to sort their own recycling.

Residents would be asked to separate their own recycling into paper and card, glass bottles and jars and plastic bottles and cans using the new boxes.

The changes would mean collection crews will no longer have to search through bags to sort the recycling at the kerbside and will be able work more efficiently.

The increased efficiency is expected to save the council £210,000 a year.

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