Co-op car park clean up

We are pleased to report that following action by local Lib Dem councillors, the items that had been flytipped in the car park at the rear of Woodthorpe Co-op have been removed.

Bin bags dumped in the corner of the car park

Bin bags dumped in the corner of the car park

What appears to be a pool table and a settee

What appears to be a pool table and a settee

As was reported recently in Woodthorpe FOCUS, Cllr Stephen Fenton has met with the Co-op estates team to discuss much-needed improvements to the area around the shops. Stephen has received assurances that this work is scheduled, and will make sure that this commitment is followed through.

And although the fly-tipping has gone, the car park needs a thorough clean, as it is being gradually overgrown by weeds, pictured below.

Some weed killing and clearing is in order

Some weed killing and clearing is in order


Residents Association re-launch meeting

The Dringhouses community is invited to the re-launch meeting for the Dringhouses West Residents Association on Tuesday 6th October at 7pm at West Thorpe Methodist Church.

West Thorpe Methodist Church - venue for RA re-launch meeting

West Thorpe Methodist Church – venue for RA re-launch meeting

The meeting will elect a new committee to run the Residents Association, and discuss future plans.

We would encourage all those with an interest in improving the Dringhouses area to come along and get involved!

Call for action on bridge graffiti

Local Lib Dem councillor Stephen Fenton has asked Network Rail to clean up the graffiti that has appeared on the St Helens Road railway bridge.

Graffiti has been daubed on both sides of the road

Graffiti has been daubed on both sides of the road

The response received from Network Rail is somewhat disappointing:

“This graffiti however is neither racist nor shows offence so will be given a very low priority, it will be passed onto our maintenance team to look at with a view to it being programmed in as ongoing works.”

It is hoped that Network Rail will take as prompt action at this site as they did when we asked for the Hob Moor underpass graffiti to be cleaned up.

Stephen commented  “I appreciate that Network Rail have a thankless task, but the graffiti on the bridge is very prominent and if it left as it is it could act as an encouragement for other vandals to attack this and other sites.”

Posters prompt complaints

Local residents have raised complaints with local Lib Dem councillor Stephen Fenton about posters which have been erected – presumably without permission – on council property across Dringhouses. Two have appeared on Chaloners Road and one on Thanet Road on the Hob Moor fence.

The posters advertise a six-a-side football competition which takes place on Monday evenings at the Burnholme sports pitches in Heworth.

Leisure League

Stephen has asked council officers to take steps to have the posters removed.

Bake Off success!

The Dringhouses Community Bake Off held on Sunday 20th September brought together local residents for an afternoon of fun, games, chat and of course cake! The event was part of the re-launch of the Dringhouses West Residents Association.Moor Lane Youth Centre 2

Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Lib Dem councillors Stephen Fenton and Ann Reid were joined by neighbouring Westfield ward councillor Sheena Jackson.

Stephen and Sheena

An open meeting for all local residents with take place on Tuesday 29th September at 7pm at West Thorpe Methodist Church, when everyone can have their say on how the revamped Residents Association should operate. The following Tuesday, 6th October, there will be a formal meeting to launch the Residents Association and elect a committee. That meeting is also at 7pm at West Thorpe Methodist Church.

One of the winning entries in the Bake Off

One of the winning entries in the Bake Off

Revival parking restrictions get the green light

We are pleased to report that there have been no objections to the recently advertised Traffic Regulation Order proposals for the Revival estate off Tadcaster Road.


A works order for the additional lengths of yellow line to be put down will be issued shortly. However as the work is quite weather dependent there is not yet a firm date for when this work will take place.

We will keep residents informed as the timescale becomes clearer.

Land off Nelsons Lane up for sale

An area of woodland off Nelsons Lane is up for sale at auction on Thursday 10th September, with a price tag of £15,000. The auction is taking place at Derby County Football Club, and details can be found at

Nelsons Lane

A number of local residents have contacted us to express concerns about the future of the site. Enquiries made by Cllr Stephen Fenton have revealed that a 1973 tree preservation order (TPO 09 – A1) protects any trees that existed at the time of serving the order. The TPO is still in force.

This patch of land has not come forward as a potential development site within the emerging Local Plan due to the area preservation order that covers virtually the whole site. Whoever buys this land is buying a protected woodland which, in its current status, has little or no development potential.