Big programme of highway resurfacing works announced for Dringhouses and Woodthorpe area

The York Council has announced which roads and footpaths will be resurfaced this year. The programme is the biggest for several years with, in total, £8,091,500 is due to be invested.

This represents an increase of 27% over the previous years budget

Around 100 individual roads are listed for resurfacing.

In the Dringhouses area, the programme includes £1/4 million for work on the following roads and footpaths

Bracken Road Carriageway Dringhouses £81,000
Middlethorpe Grove Carriageway Dringhouses £137,000
Little Hob Moor Cycle path Dringhouses £1,750
Acomb Wood Close Footpath Dringhouses £4,000
Alness Drive Footpath Dringhouses £27,000
Ashbourne Way Footpath Dringhouses £5,000
Deveron Way Footpath Dringhouses £14,000
North Lane Footpath Dringhouses £7,000
Old Moor Lane Footpath Dringhouses £7,120

The full list of streets which will receive attention can be viewed by clicking here

Labour highways maintenance scam revealed.

Labour are planning a “surprise” announcement next month, when they will “reveal” that they will spend an additional £2 million on highways resurfacing during the next financial year.

Highways expenditure Click to enlarge

Highways expenditure Click to enlarge

The announcement will be in response to the pressure, put on them by residents and the Liberal Democrats, who have criticised the cuts made in road and footpath repairs budgets over the last 2 years.

In total, £4 million has been cut from the repairs budget in an attempt to find funding for schemes like the repaving of Kings Square and the, largely unnecessary, £1 million street lamppost replacement programme.

Now Labour – for one year only – hope to return the budget to the £5.5 million level that they inherited from the last LibDem administration.

However, they intend to pay for the programme by borrowing more money. Already residents are facing over £1 million a year extra in interest payments – making Council Tax rises inevitable.

The figures also reveal that investment on de-icing roads and footpaths has fallen by more than half since Labour took over. Fortunately we have – so far – had a mild winter but we may not be so lucky in future years.