Help play a vital role in preserving York’s orchards

 A new citywide project which hopes to encourage more communities to play a vital role in finding and preserving orchards in York through a new York Heritage Orchard Group has launched.


Traditional orchards are wildlife havens which contain elements of woodland, pasture and meadow grassland, and are often bordered by native hedgerows.

They are recognised as representing ‘biodiversity hotspots’ and have been identified as priority habitats through both the national and local Biodiversity Action Plans.

However, statistics from the national charity Peoples Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has found that around 90 per cent of these habitats have been lost since the 1950s.

In order to help halt this decline and to protect these important habitats, City of York Council is inviting individuals and communities to get in touch if they own or care for an orchard, which they believe may be of heritage interest to help get this new group off the ground.

York talk on climate change ahead of United Nations conference

For_the_love_of_yorkshireExperts in the field of sustainability and climate change are inviting community groups to join them at one of several events being held across the region to talk about tackling climate change.

The special event takes place at City of York Council’s West Offices (Snow Room) from 12noon on Thursday 3 December.

The engagement session focuses on the new ‘For the Love of Yorkshire’ climate campaign and also the benefits of tackling climate change for cities and regions.

This session takes place during the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference on 30 November to 11 December, which is recognised as being one of the most important international efforts in recent years. The’ For the Love of Yorkshire’ campaign will also be taking climate messages from York to the European conference.

Last chance to cut energy bills in York – Meeting on Wednesday

Yorkshire Energy Partnership are a local Community Interest Company working across York and North Yorkshire to encourage the installation of renewable technologies.



They have worked with City of York Council previously installing solar panels on their properties and have held many information events across the district including one at Acomb Library in May.

Yorkshire Energy Partnership are hosting an information event at the Poppleton Centre, Main Street, Nether Poppleton, YO26 6JT on Wednesday 18th November, 3-6pm

The Government currently have several incentives to help homeowners move towards renewable technologies and away from fossil fuels.

The Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) are payments you receive from energy suppliers for having solar panels installed. As you may have heard, the Feed-in-Tariff is going to be significantly cut in January from 12.47p/kWh to 1.63p/kWh.

Any residents who are thinking about getting  Solar Panels are being encouraged to get them installed before the end of December in order to receive higher rate of Feed-in-Tariff and get it locked in for 20 years.

At the event, Yorkshire Energy Partnership and local installer Solarwall will be on hand to answer any questions, discuss the suitability of properties and explain the upcoming changes to the Feed-in-Tariff.

They will also be able to discuss other renewable technologies as well as the Renewable Heat Incentive.


Action on leaf litter clearance

Cllr Stephen Fenton has secured action to remove compacted leaf litter on the cycle track which links the Askham Bar Tesco store with Moor Lane.

The 'leaf vacuum' in action on 11th November

The ‘leaf vacuum’ in action on 11th November






















The council’s ‘leaf vacuum’ was deployed to clear up the cycle track on the morning of 11th November.

A significant improvement!

A significant improvement!













Residents who are aware of any other footpaths or cycle paths that are in need of clearing should call Stephen on 07751 963215 or e-mail

Flooding risks in York

Kings Staithe web cam click to update

Kings Staith web cam click to update

It’s that time of year again and a flood warning has been issued by the Environment Agency.
River levels are not expected to increase to those seen in 2012.
Detailed river levels can be found on the EA web site
The best indicator remains the real time CCTV camera which records river levels on Kings Staith (above).
There is a significant risk if the top of the “no entry” sign disappears under water!
You can register to receive flooding alerts by clicking here (phone text or Email)


Acomb Wood gets grant from Yorwaste

Acomb WoodThe Friends of Acomb Wood, which which is located between Foxwood and Woodthorpe, are £8393 better off this morning thanks to a grant from local waste management company Yorkwaste.

The company operates the nearby Harewood Whin landfill site and distributes grants each year to local environmental projects.

The Friends of Acomb Wood are a voluntary conservation body which has recently provided improved paths through the wood. 

They have produced an on line album detailing their work. It can be accessed via the following link:

The friends group welcome new volunteer helpers and can be contacted on York  (01904)  553392 Email:

Yorwaste has also provided grant for a National railway museum ambulance train project 

Carrfield snicket grass cut back

Grass cutting reported on Sunday

Grass cutting reported on Sunday

Good to report that, following action by Cllrs Stephen Fenton and Sheena Jackson, the grass on the Teal Drive/Carrfield snicket has been cut back

In fact the whole of the Rowntrees playground, park and surrounding area has been tidied up.

Next on the list is to get the cycle barriers painted.


Teal Drive - Carrfield snicket grass cut

Teal Drive – Carrfield snicket grass cut

Next up - get the cycle barriers painted!

Next up – get the cycle barriers painted!

Land off Nelsons Lane up for sale

An area of woodland off Nelsons Lane is up for sale at auction on Thursday 10th September, with a price tag of £15,000. The auction is taking place at Derby County Football Club, and details can be found at

Nelsons Lane

A number of local residents have contacted us to express concerns about the future of the site. Enquiries made by Cllr Stephen Fenton have revealed that a 1973 tree preservation order (TPO 09 – A1) protects any trees that existed at the time of serving the order. The TPO is still in force.

This patch of land has not come forward as a potential development site within the emerging Local Plan due to the area preservation order that covers virtually the whole site. Whoever buys this land is buying a protected woodland which, in its current status, has little or no development potential.