TalkTalk publish timetable for repair work

TalkTalk has published a timetable setting out when tarmac strips across concrete driveways will be replaced with concrete, and other repairs made to footpaths and verges following the UFO cable installation work.

Dates correct as at 31 May 2018

Lib Dem councillor Andrew Waller met with representatives of TalkTalk and contractors FNS on Friday 1 June to visit locations across Westfield and Dringhouses & Woodthorpe wards where there are concerns about the reinstatement works done so far.

Action on street-level issues

We recently posted an article about a number of local issues in need of attention. We’re pleased to report that there has been progress in getting them fixed…..

Tree roots had caused the footpath on Silverdale Court to lift and crack in a couple of places, causing a trip hazard. These have now been fixed.

Repaired footpath on Silverdale Court

Repaired footpath on Silverdale Court



















On Tadcaster Road the footpath was badly potholed at the entrance to the Texaco garage / Co-op. Although it is still something of a patchwork, the worst potholes have now been filled in.

Tadcaster Road footpath repaired

Tadcaster Road footpath repaired

On Wharfe Drive a large pothole had appeared and the road was subsiding towards the kerb, causing large pools of water to collect. This meant that in wet weather, anyone unlucky enough to be walking along when a car passed got a drenching. This has now been fixed.

Wharfe Drive repaired

Wharfe Drive repaired



















We are asking when the snicket barriers at the top of Carrfield are going to get a much-needed lick of paint. Funds to pay for this have been identified and approved from the 2015/16 Ward Budget.

Carrfield snicket barrier

Carrfield snicket barrier


Tackling street-level issues

Cllr Stephen Fenton spent the weekend out and about across the ward gathering information on street-level issues that need fixing.

Just a few weeks after a repair was made, another section of the brick wall in front of the flats on Thanet Road has been damaged. Stephen has asked for it to be repaired.

Thanet Road wall

Despite it being reported to Network Rail by residents, the fly tipping at the end of North Lane by the railway line has not been removed. Stephen has written to Network Rail to ask for it to be sorted out ASAP.

North Lane


At the other end of North Lane, a large bag of sawdust has been dumped at the entrance to Hob Moor. Stephen has asked for it to be removed.

Hob Moor

The street sign for Dringfield Close has taken a hit from something or someone, and so Stephen has asked for it to be repaired or replaced.

Dringfield Close

A large stretch of pavement on Tadcaster Road at the entrance to the Texaco garage / Co-op store is badly potholed. Stephen has asked for it to be repaired.

Tadcaster Road footpath

Another section of pavement in need of repair is on Silverdale Court, where a tree root has caused the pavement to rise up and crack, posing a trip hazard for residents. Stephen has asked for it to be repaired.

Silverdale Court






Footpath improvements gather pace

Local Lib Dem councillors Stephen, Ashley and Ann are pleased to report more progress in fixing footpath problems in the Woodthorpe and Dringhouses area.

The latest batch of footpaths to be repaired are at:

  • Silverdale Court (next to the garages) – pictured below
  • Carron Crescent (outside no. 8)
  • Orchard Way (outside no. 32)
  • Aldersyde (at the entrance to Aldersyde Court) – repeat repair after a HGV crushed some of the paving slabs
  • North Lane (outside no. 55)
Silverdale Court footpath repairs

Silverdale Court footpath repairs










In addition an area for repair has been marked out on Eden Close where a utility cover poses a trip hazard due to the disintegration of the tarmac surface.

Marked for repair - pavement on Eden Close

Marked for repair – footpath on Eden Close


Footpath faults fixed

We recently reported that Cllr Stephen Fenton had undertaken a survey of footpaths around Woodthorpe and identified faults that needed fixing. We are pleased to report some early successes.

A raised metal cover which posed a trip hazard at the junction of Ryecroft Avenue and Chantry Close has been rectified (pictured below).

Ryecroft Avenue

A section of pavement on Annan Close which was badly cracked has been resurfaced (pictured below);

Annan Close

Two trip hazards identified on Carron Crescent have been marked up for repair (pictured below).

Carron Crescent

Also in Woodthorpe, some much-needed repairs have been carried out on a crumbling section of the Alness Drive road surface (pictured below).

Alness Drive

Woodthorpe pavements audit

Cllr Stephen Fenton undertook an audit of pavements in the Woodthorpe area at the weekend. With the cold weather approaching, the freeze / thaw action can mean that already weak areas can deteriorate rapidly. By reporting trouble spots now, remedial action can be taken before winter sets in.

Deveron Way footpath patched up

Deveron Way footpath patched up

Some of the worst areas of pavement on Deveron Way have been patched up following action taken by Cllr Ann Reid last month.

Stephen has reported a number of issues in need of attention, including on Annan Close, Spey Bank, Ryecroft Avenue and Silverdale Court, pictured below.

An area of pavement on Annan Close is badly cracked and uneven

An area of pavement on Annan Close is badly cracked and uneven

Pavement needs to be patched up around a raised utility cover on Spey Bank

Pavement needs to be patched up around a raised utility cover on Spey Bank

Crumbling footpath on Silverdale Court

Crumbling footpath on Silverdale Court

Raised ironwork at the junction of Ryecroft Avenue and Chantry Close

Raised ironwork at the junction of Ryecroft Avenue and Chantry Close




Footpath works completed on time

We are pleased to report that the footpath works on Turnmire Road have been completed on time. The work began on 20th July and had been expected to take five weeks.

Turnmire Road

As well as the footpath improvements, driveway crossovers have been resurfaced, and the grass verges have been left in a decent state.

This represents an improvement on the work done last year on Lerecroft Road, from which many of the grass verges have never recovered.

We welcome feedback from residents on priority areas for road and footpath improvements, so that we can bring these to the table in discussions on how resources  can be best deployed.

Footpath and highways resurfaicng programme announced

The York Council has published it initial programme of resurfacing works for the forthcoming financial year.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

The carriageway programme can be seen by clicking here The footpath programme can be viewed here

Alternatively click on the graphic right to see a ward by ward analysis.

Not a lot of work is scheduled for the west of the city although the bulk of the programme will not be revealed until the Council has completed its budget for next year in February. The current £2 million programme would normally be supplemented by another £4 million worth of schemes when the dust has settled.

Nevertheless there are some worrying omissions.

 In the Dringhouses ward only a small footpath resurfacing scheme in Turnmire Road is included.

Leeside and Lerecroft footpaths being repaired this month

The City of York Council will start work week commencing 7th July 2014 to reconstruct and resurface the footway on Leeside. This scheme is programmed to take 4 weeks, weather permitting.

The work consists of excavating the current tarmac surfacing, re-grading the stone foundation and laying a new layer of tarmac, road kerbs are to be renewed at vehicle crossings.

The Council will start work week commencing 21st July 2014 to reconstruct the footway on Lerecroft Road. This scheme is programmed to take 8 weeks, weather permitting.

The works consists of lifting the current flagged footway, relaying it and replacing worn or broken flags as the scheme progresses. All vehicle crossing are to be reconstructed in concrete.