Middlethorpe Grove footpath work to get underway

City of York Council has issued letters to residents on Middlethorpe Grove confirming that footpath reconstruction work will get underway on 11 June, and is expected to last for 16 weeks. The hours of work will be 8am to 3.30pm.

The scheme involves installing a pin kerb to the front of the footway, relaying the flags and replacing broken ones. Vehicle crossings will be reconstructed in concrete. Tactile crossing points will be installed across junctions. Residents within the area to be reconstructed are being offered a discounted extension or new vehicle crossing to be constructed as part of this scheme, at cost.

The map issued with the letter indicates that the footpaths on both sides of Middlethorpe Grove will be reconstructed from the junction with Hunters Way to the junction with Dringthorpe Road. This is welcome news, as it had been suggested by the council recently in a footways map accompanying an Officer Decision Report that only the even numbered side of the street would be reconstructed.



Alness Drive footpath resurfacing work announced

We are pleased to report that work will shortly get underway to resurface footpaths on Alness Drive and on Deveron Way. The sections of path to be resurfaced are marked on the map below. The area of block paving on Deveron Way is to be replaced with tarmac.

Letters are being delivered to residents, with a request that any vegetation overhanging the footpath is cut back. The work is due to get underway from 30 October and is expected to take eight weeks.

Ashbourne Way/Acomb Wood Close footpaths to be resurfaced

The City of York Council will start work week commencing 18th September 2017 to reconstruct some of the footways shown on the plan below.  This scheme is programmed to take 2 weeks, weather permitting.

The work consists of excavating the current tarmac surfacing, laying two new layers of tarmac and replacing road kerbs within vehicle crossings.

Residents are being offered a discount on any new driveway requirements that they may wish to commission while plant is in the area.

Woodthorpe pavements audit

Cllr Stephen Fenton undertook an audit of pavements in the Woodthorpe area at the weekend. With the cold weather approaching, the freeze / thaw action can mean that already weak areas can deteriorate rapidly. By reporting trouble spots now, remedial action can be taken before winter sets in.

Deveron Way footpath patched up

Deveron Way footpath patched up

Some of the worst areas of pavement on Deveron Way have been patched up following action taken by Cllr Ann Reid last month.

Stephen has reported a number of issues in need of attention, including on Annan Close, Spey Bank, Ryecroft Avenue and Silverdale Court, pictured below.

An area of pavement on Annan Close is badly cracked and uneven

An area of pavement on Annan Close is badly cracked and uneven

Pavement needs to be patched up around a raised utility cover on Spey Bank

Pavement needs to be patched up around a raised utility cover on Spey Bank

Crumbling footpath on Silverdale Court

Crumbling footpath on Silverdale Court

Raised ironwork at the junction of Ryecroft Avenue and Chantry Close

Raised ironwork at the junction of Ryecroft Avenue and Chantry Close




Highways maintenance cuts for York revealed.

The Council has revealed how it plans to spend £2.6 million on highways and footpath resurfacing over the next financial year.

road works

The provisional expenditure is down on the £3.4 million being invested during the current year.

That in turn was well down on the budget agreed by the last Liberal Democrat administration which held power until 2011 and which regularly invested over £5 million a year in the highways network.

Carriageway surfaces are now breaking up and the repairs backlog is growing.

In the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward only part of the Moor Lane carriageway will be resurfaced.

No footpaths in the area will be resurfaced.

Behind closed doors logo

A full list of streets where repairs are planned can be downloaded by clicking here

A final Council highways budget for next year will be announced in March.

The decision, on which roads to resurface, was taken in another “behind closed doors” meeting. There was no consultation with residents on the options.