Vandals smash Dringhouses bus stops

Overnight on Saturday 19th / Sunday 20th October vandals smashed panes of glass at three bus stops in Dringhouses – one on Thanet Road and two on Eason View.

The Police and City of York Council have been informed.

Eason View at junction with Turnmire Road
Eason View at junction with Don Avenue
Thanet Road at junction with Northfield Terrace

This latest vandalism comes a few weeks after a bus stop on Chaloners Road was similarly attacked.

Number 4 bus service diversion route announced

First have announced the diversion route for the number 4 bus from Monday 9th to Sunday 20th September, when St Helens Road will be closed due to work being done by Northern Powergrid.

Heading towards the city centre, the number 4 will miss out Eason View, Thanet Road and St Helens Road. It will instead carry on along Chaloners Road before turning left onto Moor Lane and then left at the Askham Bar roundabout onto Tadcaster Road.

Traffic survey results revealed

Traffic surveys undertaken on Thanet Road and Moorcroft Road have provided evidence to support calls for action to tackle problem parking and speeding concerns.

The surveys were supported by local Lib Dem councillors though funding from the Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward Committee budget.

Residents’ concerns about speeding traffic and parking provision on Thanet Road have been backed up by the findings of the survey. The aim of the survey undertaken between 21st and 27th June was to gather evidence to support calls for safety measures to be put in place, following a number of accidents and incidents where residents’ cars have been damaged.

Thanet Road survey zone

Findings from the survey included:

  • Ten near misses between two cars
  • One near miss between a car and a HGV
  • One near miss between two HGVs

Councillor Ashley Mason said “The findings from the survey will further strengthen our calls for action to improve road safety. We have written to the council’s Transport chief, including the survey findings, to ask that options be considered for an engineering solution.”

Parking problems on Moorcroft Road outside the doctors and dentists prompted the survey at that location, which was undertaken between 17th and 23rd July. The aim of the survey was to gather evidence on the nature of the parking problems which can cause the bus to get stuck and footpaths to be obstructed.

A previous proposal for extending double yellow lines outside the doctor’s surgery attracted some criticism, with the suggestion that double yellow lines outside the dentist would have more impact. However council officers opposed this suggestion.

Moorcroft Road survey zone

Some headline findings from the survey included:

  • Three near misses between two cars
  • Four near misses between a car and a bus
  • One near miss between a car and a moped
  • One near miss between a parked car and a mobility scooter

Councillor Stephen Fenton said “We will keep residents informed and engaged on further developments. In the meantime we recently arranged for the existing double yellow lines on Moorcroft Road to be re-painted, as they had almost faded away.

“We have been in contact with the new owners of the shops and car parks to ask that ‘Customer Parking Only’ signs be installed, in response to complaints about the car parks being used a ‘Park & Ride’. We have also asked for the overgrown vegetation to be cut back.”


Traffic survey on Thanet Road gets underway

A seven-day video traffic survey on Thanet Road has got underway, designed to gather evidence to support decisions on possible measures to improve road safety.

The survey has been prompted by residents’ concerns about speeding, damage being done to parked cars and lack of off-road parking.

Two cameras have been installed, between the junctions at St James Place and Jervis Road, which will operate for seven days.


The footage will then be studied to identify what traffic calming or other measures might be effective and appropriate.

The survey is being funded through the Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward Committee budget.

Thanet Road – proposal to extend 20mph zone

City of York Council is proposing to introduce a 20 mph speed limit on a section of Thanet Road, from the Gale Lane roundabout to St James Place. The proposal addresses safety concerns by requiring motorists to observe what are considered to be more appropriate speed limits on roads carrying high traffic volumes particularly during  peak traffic periods.

A map showing the proposed extent of the 20 mph zone is set out below.

Latest planning applications for Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward

 Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward. 

Full details can be found by clicking the application reference

279 Thanet Road York YO24 2PH

Two storey side extension

Reference           17/00299/FUL


20 Lycett Road York YO24 1NB

Erection of single storey extension extending 4.90 metres beyond the rear wall of the original house, with a height to the eaves of 2.50 metres and a total height of 3.77 metres

Reference           17/00333/LHE


Representations can be made in favour of, or in objection to, any application via the Planning on line web site.

The Council now no longer routinely consults neighbours by letter when an application is received.

Plan for chicane on Thanet Road

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

The Council is consulting local Councillors on plans for accident reduction initiatives in the area. By far the most controversial is likely to be a proposal to introduce a chicane on Thanet Road outside Lidl.

The initiative was prompted by the 11 accidents which have been recorded on the stretch of road between the Gale Lane junction and St James Place. Four of these were due to children running onto the highway. All of the accidents were recorded as “slight” (i.e. no major injuries)

While chicanes do slow traffic, they are unpopular as they lead to increased congestion.

We think that the installation of guard rails would be a better idea.


Lidl set for longer opening hours

Officials are recommending that Lidl on Thanet Road be permitted to open for longer hours.

Lidl Thanet RoadThe proposed hours – to be discussed at a planning committee meeting taking place on 3rd December – will be:

  • Monday to Saturday: 07.00 to 22.00 hours
  • Sundays and Bank Holidays: 10.00 to 19.00.

Originally the store had asked to open between 07:00 and 2200 every day but this has now been reduced for Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Currently Sunday trading laws allow a large retail unit to open no earlier than 10.00 and ending no later than 18.00 for a continuous period of 6 hours. Granting planning permission for the proposed hours does not override Sunday Trading Legislation. The stores agent has confirmed that the proposed Sunday opening hours are speculative and is in response to the Government announcing (July 2015 Budget) potential revisions to Sunday trading hours.

Only one person objected to the proposal was received.

Beckfield Lane housing development

Officials are also recommending approval of an application to build 9 dwellings on Land lying between Beckfield Lane and Runswick Avenue. The report can be read by clicking here

Beckfield Lane/Runswick Avenue click to access

Beckfield Lane/Runswick Avenue click to access

The proposed development contains a mix of house types consisting of four houses which are two storeys in height and contain three bedrooms, two houses containing three bedrooms which are two and a half storey in height (rooms in the roof space), two bungalows containing two bedrooms, and one bungalow containing three bedrooms. All dwellings proposed are semi-detached with the exception of the three bedroom bungalow which is detached. The majority of dwellings contain two car parking spaces and one visitor space is provided.

This application attracted 28 letters of objection (and three of support)

Other plans

Other applications being considered at the same meeting include (click to access):