New parking restrictions for Mayfield Grove and Wains Road

The Council has published a report reviewing parking arrangements at several locations in the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward.
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The decisions, for four roads in the area which had been reported for action, were:

  • E1 – Ullswater/Acorn Way – Agreed no action to be taken.
  • E2 – Aintree Court/Mayfield Grove – Agreed to advertise no waiting at any time restrictions on Mayfield Grove for 10m either wide of the Aintree Court junction, plus 25m into Aintree Court.
  • E3 – Bramble Dene – Agreed no action to be taken.
  • E4 – Wains Road/Chaloner’s Road – Agreed to advertise no waiting at any time restrictions for 10m both sides of the junction.

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Call for action over ‘danger’ estate exit on Tadcaster Road

Revival cycle path exit

Revival cycle path exit

A number of residents have contacted us about the new emergency exit / entrance to the Revival estate, which is intended to provide emergency access to the estate via Masters Mews.

There is a secured gate to prevent ordinary vehicular access, but it can be used by pedestrians and cyclists.

We share residents’ concerns at the absence of markings to indicate to cyclists exiting the estate that they need to stop before pulling out onto Tadcaster Road via the footpath.

The current arrangement presents a hazard to cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

We have asked for markings to be put down similar to those used at the exit from York station car park onto Lowther Terrace, pictured below.

Station cycle path exit
Station cycle path exit

This shows how markings can be used to indicate to cyclists where they need to stop and check for oncoming pedestrians and motorists before joining the carriageway.


Traffic “congestion commission” rethink

The York Council is to reconsider whether to set up a “Congestion Commission” before the Council elections take place on May 7th

The Cabinet proposal had been called in by opposition Councillors who pointed out that any decisions taken now could be overruled in little over 2 months time by what could be a completely different Council.

Concerns were also expressed about the cost of the “commission” and its membership.

The issue will be reconsidered by the “Cabinet” at a meeting taking place on 3rd March